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Buckeye powered parachute offers easy and cheap flying

Easy and cheap to fly
Easy and cheap to fly

Flying with a powered parachute? Why not? Imagine a ride so smooth, it feels as though you were merely floating...

Just picture yourself enjoying the scenery from above, after only a few hours of flight instruction.

Is this the new wave that's spreading not only across the nation, but also across the world in the aircraft industry?

It is known as the world's safest and easiest way to fly, powered parachutes were originally developed and flown at the University of Notre Dame in the early 60's and early 70's and only on the market since 1984.

According to the company, the Buckeye Powered Parachute is now the fastest growing aircraft in the world today.

Here are some of the facts making the flying with a powered parachute interesting:

1. You do not need a pilot's license

2. Easy to fly. (There are only 3 flight controls)

3. Very safe. You can't roll, stall, loop or dive when you operate this machine properly. In fact, even if the engine ever quits, you simply glide back to the ground in safety

4. The preparation for each flight takes less than 10 minutes

5. Whenever the flight is over, simply pack up the parachute. No long tedious hours spent putting everything away!

6.It can be stored in the corner of your garage

7. Capable of reaching altitudes of 10,000 feet

8. Speed of 34 mph allows you to get where you're going quickly

9. Very fuel efficient. In fact, the Buckeye is among the most fuel efficient flying machines on the planet, which makes it very cheap to operate.

10. Using a trailer, making it easy to take on vacations or anywhere else you want to go

Complete information is available at company's web site

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