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Buckeye Lake ice fishing

Ice Fishing on Buckeye Lake
Ice Fishing on Buckeye Lake
Mark Layman

Central Ohio has seen plenty of cold temperatures recently, and this is keeping a lot of anglers indoors tying flies and reorganizing their tackle. Hardwater enthusiasts, though, have been out on the ice and enjoying success. Word has it that saugeye are biting well in the Fairfield Beach area of Buckeye Lake. Best results are coming from jigs with minnows. The ‘eyes haven’t shown much interest in stickbaits. Fishing deep holes will find the fish, which are seeking warmer water at the bottom of the lake.

Anglers report inconsistent ice thickness

Despite the long stretch of temperatures below freezing, anglers have reported thin spots in Buckeye Lake ice. The lake has an average depth of 6 feet, with a maximum depth of about 14 feet. Those who venture onto the ice should proceed with caution. A good rule of thumb is that ice should be at least 4 inches thick to be safe. Ice is often thinner around structure such as bridges and docks, near springs, and where feeder streams enter the larger body of water.

ODNR urges caution on ice

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources released a statement on January 4, 2010, reminding Ohioans to use caution when venturing onto ice. The statement also included ice safety tips.  Buckeye Lake ice fishermen can stay safe while pulling in those mid-winter catches.