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Bucket List Band officially changes name to Three Killer Buds

TAMPA - Local original rock band, Bucket List, has officially changed their name to “Three Killer Buds” (aka "3KB") according to a March 16th press release issued to the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column by the band.

Bucket List Band officially changes their name to Three Killer Buds
Three Killer Buds

“We wanted to have complete individuality, with not having any trade mark issues, as we move forward on our cd and ensuing music videos, etc. To move the band forward, we felt it necessary to move on.” - Dave Dailey, guitarist

Originally formed in 2010 as The Bucket List Band, Three Killer Buds is a 3-piece original rock band consisting of Dave Dailey on guitar, Mike Rashas on bass, and founding member Brian Olmsted on lead vocals & drums. The band went through a major lineup change in 2012, citing creative differences as the reason. Since the lineup change, the band has progressed tremendously.

“Dave came on board, and then we picked up Mike Rashas. This completed the lineup, and we began to create not only a vision for the band, but creating what we all love to do. And that’s rock!.” - Brian Olmsted, lead singer & drummer

3KB is currently in the studio recording songs with Tom Parrish of Shark Alley Records. The band plans on eventually releasing their debut CD, along with a DVD as well. The band has already released a music video for their song “Back to Basics,” released in September of 2013.

Three Killer Buds will be joining fellow Tampa Bay acts Undercover Betty, Zig Zag America and Kevin Keene of Third Story Basement on the “2014 Shark Alley Entertainment Summer Tour.” One of the first stops on the tour will be in Panama City Beach for the 2014 Thunder Beach Spring Rally in May.

“We just want to be ourselves and bring fun back to a performance for people to enjoy. The people want to have fun. It’s in short supply these days. We’d love to have Tampa back on the map, musically, like they did in the mid to late 80’s and early 90’s... So we’re putting as best an effort on as possible. There’s no reason we can’t do this.” - Brian Olmsted, lead singer & drummer

Upcoming show dates for 3KB:

  • March 21st - Harbor Bar, Safety Harbor, FL.
  • March 29th - Springers, Hudson, FL.
  • April 25th - Harbor Bar, Safety Harbor, FL.
  • May 2nd – Thunder Beach Spring Rally, Panama City Beach, FL.

Visit for more information on upcoming show dates.

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