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Buccaneers WR Mike Evans responds to interview criticism

A little while back, new Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans appeared on the Jim Rome Show, and to say the least, he was quite succinct in his responses to Jim Rome's questions.

After the interview concluded, Rome was not happy at all with Evans' short responses and seemingly one-word answers. While Rome can be a bit aggressive and fiesty in nature at times, he still needs to do his job and expects at least a sentence or two as an answer.

Evans, however, was able to respond to the criticism at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. "I tweaked my hamstring that day, and I was upset," Evans said. "He asked me questions that I didn't really know. I wasn't trying to be an idiot."

Rome responded quite critically to Evans' responses during the interview, which spread like wildfire across the Internet.

"All I heard was that he said I was a boring interview. You know, you can't make everyone happy," Evans added.

This time of the year, the NFL is lacking news and there really is nothing to talk about, barring the occasional undrafted free agent signing or the occasional release. It's a slow time of the year for NFL news and this issue shouldn't be a hot topic for very long.

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