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Buccaneers new logo: Bigger, badder and made for TV

Buccaneers new logo: Bigger, badder and made for TV.
Buccaneers new logo: Bigger, badder and made for TV.

Buccaneers new logo is even bigger and scarier than the old one. At least that is what to team is hoping for their upcoming 2014 NFL season. According to The Washington Post on Feb. 21, it should look better to the fans watching at home.

It should also be friendlier to high-def TVs. There’s more contrast between the darker pewter on the logo, first introduced in 1997, and the brighter red on the flag. Oh, and the grill — the face mask — is chrome.

Buccaneers new logo is larger and incorporates the first ever chrome face mask on the helmets. Management is hoping that the new logo will bring on a "new, exciting era of Buccaneers football." Fans can only hope after several disappointing seasons losing in four of the last five. The additions of a new head coach and general manager are further changes the team has made.

Both Warren Sapp and Gerald McCoy introduced the Buccaneers new logo on the NFL Network Thursday night. Initial reactions ranged from the logo being not a major change to too big. Overall, in an era of HD everywhere, the team will at least stand out no matter how they perform on the field.

As reported previously in "Buccaneers new helmet: Tampa Bay to unveil new team logo," this was the first redesign since 1997. Way back when "Bucco Bruce" was replaced by the current pirates flag with a skull and crossed swords.

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Buccaneers new helmet: Tampa Bay to unveil new team logo

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