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Buccaneers new helmet: 2014 helmet and logo set, Tampa Bay excited for change

The Buccaneers getting a new logo and helmet
The Buccaneers getting a new logo and helmet
Twitter Photo, The Inquisitr

The Buccaneers new helmet and new logo for the 2014 season are set, confirms one NFL commentator this week, and Tampa Bay fans are no doubt excited for the upcoming change. Warren Sapp, a well-known observer and reported for the NFL Network, shared the big news via Twitter for football fans recently. The Inquisitr notes this Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, that the logo and helmet makeover were long overdue, and the majority of the public is more than ready to see how the new look will appear on the field.

Although the Super Bowl seems a thing of the past already, the Buccaneers new helmet and equally fresh logo have brought an NFL team back into the headlines. Sapp took to Twitter this Tuesday to break the news to football fans and Tampa Bay supporters, posting:

“New @TBBuccaneers helmet coming for 2014! Wait til you see this thing!”

Less than 15 minutes later, excited Twitter followers received more word on the new helmet and logo that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be unveiling very soon. Via the NFL football team’s official Twitter page, a question was posed to Buccaneer fans:

“What do you think of the upcoming unveiling of an updated helmet and logo #Bucs fans?”

It seems that all of these messages and hype being raised for the Buccaneers new helmet, as well as the highly anticipated logo, are all meant to heighten the suspense before the impending unveiling. While football fans may be excited, is it actually time for the NFL Tampa Bay team to revamp their traditional look this 2014?

While it’s nothing new for NFL teams to modify or modernize players’ logos, uniforms, and helmets on occasion, these design changes are no one-night affair. A long process, often taking up to two years, is necessary in order to create such a visual adjustment. The process involves computer simulation and design analysis, a compilation of market research, and finally input from both uniform experts and oftentimes team officials or managers themselves.

For many fans of the Tampa Bay players in 2014, however, the Buccaneers new helmet along with their updated team logo is long overdue. In fact, the last modernizing was all the way back in 1997, so it seems that a change — even if it is only a slight revamping — is in order for the football team.

NFL commentator Warren Sapp concluded that if you want to see the Buccaneers’ new look for yourself, then be sure to watch the NFL Network this Thursday night at 8 p.m. to catch the first public glimpses of the new logo and helmet for these “pirates.”

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