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Buboy's apology was sincere and he deserves leniency

So here comes the talk of lawsuits and criminal charges. You know what? I'm going to shoot from the hip in this article, because honestly? I'm pretty sick and tired of a few things, and one of them is how some people in this sport think that they deserve preferential treatment, and how some have let their fame and money get to their heads. Now with that said, Buboy Fernandez isn't one of these types of people. Buboy offered a very sincere apology to Al Bello.

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The photographer who was allegedly attacked in the boxing ring after Manny Pacquiao was knocked out was trying to do his job that night. If it's true that Roach told him not to photograph Pacquiao, that's pretty sad. I wouldn't be surprised if Roach did say it though. My team was approached by Marie Spivey (Roach's assistant) a few years ago inside the Wild Card Gym and was told that no photographs were allowed to be taken while Manny was in the gym. Imagine that?

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I have said it before many times to friends and colleagues alike that Pacquiao, ironically, is just about the only person in that team that's stayed the same. The folks around him are the ones that need humbling.

If it's true Roach told Bello not to take photos, that's just crazy. Do photographers tell Roach how to train? He shouldn't be telling photographer's a darn thing unless it's inside his gym, where he is allowed to uphold such ridiculous rules like no photos allowed.

Now as to Michael Koncz. Honestly, I didn't see exactly what happened that night but if it's true he was kicking, or grabbing, or punching a photographer, then he should be held accountable. He to my knowledge hasn't even apologized to Al Bellow yet. I read that he sent a text message to someone, but it didn't come close to a sincere apology. Buboy on the other hand did in fact apologize. Buboy saved a friend of mine from dying one time. He's a humanitarian and an all around good guy. I hope Bello and his his blood thirsty attorneys will take this into consideration.

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