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Bubblews offers writers the chance to earn money for their social interactions

Bubblews bank keeps track of your real time earnings
Bubblews bank keeps track of your real time earnings
Copyright 2014 John Schulze

After an 18 month testing period the social media site Bubblews launched into the public realm yesterday, July 16, and users clicked away furiously trying to cash in on the offer of likes, comments and page views that pay out one penny at a time. It's going to be a while before anyone really figures out the code to the site and if it's really worth using. At first glance, the site seems to be rife with short, less than informative posts that are completely unedited and unverified by any means.

That's not to say some of the posts you might encounter won't be educational, informative or even delicious. Some of the best posts so far seem to be recipes. You can also find information about computers, iPhones, parenting tips and even advice on love and relationships. The site has a very heavy user base that appears to be from Asia and the Middle East. Despite their location, the vast majority of those user posts are in English.

The idea of user generated news content is nothing new, but Bubblews is not really a news site. It's hard to say at this point that it's even a social networking site. My experience using the site for 24 hours is that there is very little reading going on. Most users are simply trying to click for cash and entice other users to help them make money. It's not enough to simply post content to Bubblews, you must interact with other users to make money. You must click their articles, follow them, like their posts and comment on their writing in the hopes they will return the favor.

A well engaged follower will make you three cents for engaging with your writing, one penny for viewing the post, one penny for liking the post and they will earn you a third penny for making a comment on your post. While a penny seems to be a small amount, it can aggregate quickly in some cases. In my experience I posted 20 times in just over 24 hours and earned nearly $11.00. It took about 10 hours of clicking and interacting and building a followers list to make that happen. While there is money to be made with Bubblews, for the average user, for now, it's simply not an economical use of time.