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Bubbles the Mastiff who survived a massive tumor and neglect has died

Rest in peace sweet Bubbles. You brought much happiness to many people.
Noah's Arks Rescue

Bubbles, the five-year-old black Mastiff who once carried a nine-pound tumor on her face, died on Wednesday evening cradled in the arms of her favorite human.

In a heartfelt post on Facebook, the sad news appeared as Noah's Arks Rescue's president Jennifer Smith sadly announced:

"Today has to be one of the hardest days I have experienced in rescue. At 5:26 this evening, I had to say good-bye to BUBBLES. I am still in shock, as I am typing this. The last two days she has been happy and playful like she has been for the last three months. She quit eating even prosciutto this morning and I discovered her abdomen had become swollen. I looked at her gums and they were barely pink so I rushed her to the hospital. We did bloodwork and x-rays of her lungs to see what had suddenly changed. Her bloodwork was great and she was not anemic. She was not getting enough oxygen. The x-rays showed that the tumors in her lungs had almost doubled in size. One lobe of her lungs was not functioning at all and was putting pressure on her heart. She couldn't get enough oxygen and fluid was building up in her lower half because of pressure on the heart."

Bubbles made Internet news in mid-November when she was found abandoned walking down a Baltimore Street. What made her situation so unique was the massive nine-pound tumor on her face. Named Bubbles by her rescuers, the Baltimore Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) reached out to Noah's Arks Rescue to help with this heartbreaking case.

Since then the life of Bubbles had continued to improve. Even though Bubbles had been diagnosed with Multilobular Osteochondrosarcoma (MLO), a tumor that forms on the bone, the dog somehow managed to cope with the excruciating pain.

Her story continued with surgery, post operative rehabilitation, and a ton of love and support from humane advocates and animal lovers around the world.

Jennifer made the decision not to put Bubbles through anymore surgery. With Bubbles curled up in her arms and with the help of Dr. Jason King, the darling dog with the biggest heart peacefully crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace Bubbles.

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