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‘BubbleGun’ #4 is full of bigger than life art with a story full of heart

Aspen Comics“BubbleGun” series is a classic heist adventure with a sci-fi twist. The series with art by Mike Bowden is visually stunning with an exaggerated cartoon-like style that gets mixed with the bright flashy palette of colorist David Curiel. Bowden and Curiel keep the adventure energetic with big action. The artwork gives it that bombastic feel that keeps right in line with the adrenaline fueled action of the story.

All four covers to "BubbleGun" #4.
Marcus To, Micah Gunnell, Cory Smith, Vincenzo Cucca, David Curiel
For the fourth issue of 'BubbleGun' Aspen printed four different covers featuring the stars of the book that when combined make one image of "BubbleGun."
Macus To & David Curiel

Writer Mark Roslan’s tale of an outrageous futuristic group of tech thieves has really hit its stride with “BubbleGun” #4. The issue deals primarily with Molli’s ascension to the role of team leader. One she takes reluctantly in order to save her sister. But what she is finding is she has the intestinal fortitude to take the team to even greater heights as she plots the rescue of her sister.

What makes “BubbleGun” #4 pop is that the growth of the character takes nothing away from the high impact thrill ride of the story. Molli’s rise to the head of the crew sees her make the tough decisions by facing the facts that she needs to get help from all the wrong places. The conflict this creates gets you to identify with Molli as she goes from irresponsible risk taker to responsible risk taker. These risks involve an assault on the local police precinct to rescue the crew that Molli got thrown into the cell in the first place, not to mention Molli making a deal with a mob boss for use of his cruiser which if anything happens to it Molli’s life is forever in his debt.

Four issues of the “BubbleGun” series are out now. Each issue has built up the story of Molli and her band of thieves. The adventure has been fast paced and the payoff is coming in the fifth and final issue. The story has been told at a breakneck pace thanks to the dynamic art of Bowden and Curiel, but Roslan has given the story its heart with Molli and her journey.

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