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BubbaWorld Comix Vol. 2 soon to be released by Andy Childress


Local comic writer and artist Andy B. Childress, has certainly been busy these days. BubbaWorld Comix Vol. 2 is scheduled to be released this February. The first book signing will be at Heroes & Dreams Comic Book Store in Flowood, MS on February 6, 2010. BubbaWorld Comix Vol. 2 is a flip book with Space Rednecks, "Houston, Sumptin Aint Right Up Here" on one side and, Going Batty, "Mob Mentality" on the other side. Adding this new publication to Andy’s collection is keeping in line with his plans to put a book out every four months, and brings his total to four published books so far: Vol. 1, which was a flip book as well consisting of Quick Appliance Repair, “Metal in the Microwave” on one side and on the other side, Mississippi Swamp Dragons, “Who are you gonna believe . . . me or 25 hysterical nuns?”  Then there is Misfits & Mayhem, a Horror Graphic Novel with a collection of short horror stories written by Childress and his friend Shane Sullivan and completely drawn by Childress . Lets not forget Tales from the Appliance Graveyard, which is a collection of Halloween theme humorous stories that crossover all six of the Bubbaworld Comix titles. Andy does not just turn out books though, check out his website to catch the daily comic and his Blogs. If you’re lucky, you will be able to find Andy  at Heroes & Dreams Comic Book Store, one of his favorite hang outs. Andy will be on tour with his new book BubbaWorld Comix Vol. 2 over the course of the next couple of months. But if you miss him, don’t worry. He’ll be back around with another one in about four months, or less. In the meantime you can stay post and updated at the website.  


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