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Bubba Watson's son: Caleb Watson is pride and joy of golfer's life

Bubba Watson carrying his son, Caleb Watson, after his win at the 2014 Masters in Augusta, Ga
Bubba Watson carrying his son, Caleb Watson, after his win at the 2014 Masters in Augusta, Ga
Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Bubba Watson's son was seen at the 2014 Masters in Augusta last Sunday and now two-year-old Caleb is proving to be a star himself. As Wicked Local Allston reported April 17, the 2012 and 2014 Masters champion is inspired by his adopted son and wants nothing more than to be a shining example to him.

USA Today interviewed Bubba after his second win in Augusta. He opened up about his family values and dedication to family. Bubba said little Caleb Watson is the one who "puts life into perspective." He said that golf is a game that can go great or bad any given day for him. He said his son just wants one thing from him.

"All he cares about is Daddy give him a hug, Daddy pick him up. ... He's teaching me more than I'm teaching him, you know. He's teaching me about life, about how precious life really is," Watson said.

When Bubba was golfing at the 2012 Masters, his wife, Angie Watson, was noticeably absent. She was in Florida waiting on final adoption procedures for Caleb to be finalized. Bubba had no idea being a father was going to be as fulfilling as it's been. He said changing diapers doesn't bother him and he loves fatherhood.

"That's my boy. I'll do anything for him," Bubba said. "But at first, all these thoughts go through your head. But Caleb has changed my personality, changed who I am, and hopefully made me a better person."

Watson's son took center stage in Augusta after the Masters win on Sunday. Angie was by her husband's side and often seen holding Caleb as Bubba played.

Bubba Watson's son could very well follow in his father's footsteps. Will there be another Watson in the future playing golf?

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