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Bubba Gump for electric atmosphere!

Bubba Gump Shrimp
Bubba Gump Shrimp
Camilla Carboni

Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere!
Bubba Gump has an electric energy that exudes through its décor, serving style and enthusiastic employees.

If you thought you were a crazed fan at any time in your life, Bubba Gump will put you to shame.

Inspired by, and overtly based on, themes from Forest Gump (the 1994 blockbuster hit) you will find everything from ship parts to photographic memorabilia and miniature characters, to newspapers ‘from’ the era and parody “stop” and “run” signs on each table. In fact, the name itself is derived from a combination of the movie’s main characters, Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue and Forrest Gump. Undeniably fun, vibrant and stand-out, this restaurant (just like Benihana [] but with an altogether different spectacle) is worth experiencing for the atmosphere alone.

When you’ve had your fill of visual amusement and your appetite kicks in, Bubba Gump has a large and equally interesting seafood menu.

Their shrimp is some of the best I have ever tasted.
Great advice from a server – go for half coconut and half Cajun style for your shrimp order – the balance between the soft and creamy of the former and the savory and spicy of the latter, is simply delectable.
Although Big Wave Shrimp ( is still home to the largest and most succulent coconut shrimp I have yet to taste, Bubba Gump shrimp holds the flavor remarkably richly, and is lightly grilled to golden brown perfection. You will be licking your fingers and wanting more, but just one chapter into my friend’s Skinny Bitch book ( and broccoli was the next thing I ordered. Yes, a side of broccoli which is more like the entire crown (and a meal’s worth in itself) for roughly $4. Okay, so the 'Skinny Bitches' would turn their noses up at the grated cheese and garlic butter medley that is oh so decadently melted over the top, but broccoli, no matter how it is served, just has to beat an order of fries; and this broccoli comes highly recommended!

Admittedly I did not succeed at resisting their signature garlic bread, which is actually a fairly small portion for its price. Nonetheless, ultra buttery and fabulously garlicky it is indeed. (Might I recommend the appetizer shrimp that comes with garlic bread as a more reasonably priced and portioned serving for a smaller appetite.)

Regardless of their tagline “food is the hero”, please don’t anticipate world class seafood. Expect your average family-diner style restaurant quality. The food certainly isn’t bad, but the ambience is undoubtedly what makes the Bubba Gump brand.

You can also choose to take their brand home with you after visiting the “market” – the in-restaurant store – highly reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville (soon to be reviewed).
Regardless of whether you do take something home from the “market” or not, you will certainly have Bubba Gump energy for the rest of the evening, and crazed fan club memories for many years to come!

Bubba Gump has only one location on O’ahu: the Ala Moana Shopping Centre.
Hours are 10:30am to midnight from Sunday through Thursday and until 1am on Friday’s and Saturday’s.
For more information please visit



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