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BU students protest upcoming Robin Thicke Concert

Seen here performing at the 2014 Grammy Awards.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Robin Thicke's now-infamous Blurred Lines romp with Miley Cyrus may be so 2013, but that doesn't mean the controversy is over. The singer now finds himself and the song up against Boston University students who are petitioning to cancel Thicke's upcoming March performance with K. Michelle and DJ Cassidy, being held on campus at Agganis Arena.

According to the petition, the sexually-charged hit "celebrates having sex with women against their will" and stands for "systemic patriarchy and sexual oppression." It also indicates the university's history of feminism and the "ironic nature of having Thicke perform there."

It was created by the Humanists of Boston University, a student organization focused on promoting "compassion, social justice, reason and science" within the school's non-religious and secular community.

"Having Thicke perform is a political statement that is out of touch with the realities of sexual violence and Boston University’s own history," wrote the group.

Some supporters called him a "misogynist" while one admitted that they "like the song musically, but the industry has to change." Many supporters also agree that the artists' seemingly loose morals do not line up with the schools values.

Thicke has responded to this issue in past interviews, calling the idea of his song promoting rape "ridiculous". "I've been with the same woman since I was a teenager" he stated in an interview last year with Fuse TV.

Over 900 signatures have been collected so far against the performance and it will be interesting to see if ticket sales and concertgoers or the petition will prevail.

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