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BSA bans gay leaders and The Walt Disney Co. suspends their VoluntEARS program

In news reports today, The Walt Disney Company is suspending their VoluntEARS program with The Boy Scouts of America for banning gay leaders.

Boy Scout Leadership policy under questions for civil rights.
Richard Rodriguez / AP

While the majority of the nation is currently moving to further GLBT civil rights, The Walt Disney Company has tightened that effort. In 2015 they will end their charity funding with the BSA. This news steams from the policies that BSA adopted, which discriminates against their leaders from being gay.

For a company like Walt Disney, a global leader in entertainment for families across the world, this makes a strong statement that they will not tolerate their employees from being discriminated against, and follows their companies work ethics. Walt Disney's work environment and policies does not "discriminate based on sexual orientation".

The VolntEARS is a program for Walt Disney employees who want to volunteer with a company, like BSA, in exchange for monetary funds to their charity of choice.

Board Presient, Robert Utsey of The Boy Scouts Central Florida Council, said they are not in synch with the beliefs of Walt Disney, but hopes to keep the communication lines open for future partnerships.

In the past the BSA approved policy which allows gay youths to join their club, but does not allow their leaders to be. Sounds like the BSA is not only discriminatory based on sexual orientation, but also discriminates against age.

Either way it seems that The Walt Disney Company has made the right choice, because they could be sending their employees into a hostile working environment.

Just a few weeks ago Disney's 'Frozen' came under attack. The attacked alleged the feature sent a message that homosexuality is o.k..

Apparently Kathryn Skaggs, who writes "A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman" blog gave her strong opinion that the Disney feature was nothing more than a way to push a "gay agenda to normalize homosexuality." Seems like Skaggs is a total hypocrite because her blog rant seems to push her religious ideas, as to what is normal and what isn't. She might want to watch the clip of 'Snow White and the seven dwarfs', and repeat, "mirror, mirror, on the wall'. Unless she thinks that movie is nothing more than promoting voodoo. But not everyone agrees with with Skaggs.

Scouts for Equality said, they are excited that BSA was banned from receiving benefits of the VoluntEARS program from The Walt Disney Company. Adding, Walt Disney "made the right decision to withhold support until Scouting is fully inclusive."

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