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Bryson Foster raises the roof at The Beard

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Bryson Foster brought a mixture of hip-hop and rhythm and blues to The Beard, on Feb. 1. He was the opening act, along with Brown Ale and ZETFree FoundDed. J-Swain was the direct support and Martyr Thompson was the headlining act. Jade Montoya provided live art and DJ Sham was the house disc jockey.

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Foster began his performance by quizzing the audience. He mentioned if they could guess the instrumental which was being played, he would give them a prize. An audience member guessed the Michael Jackson song correctly and was given one of Foster’s CDs. After the spectator claimed their prize, Foster began his performance with “Ain’t No Sunshine”. After putting his own spin to the song, he sang the original chorus.

Before the start of “Handful of Roses”, Foster thanked the crowd for coming out the show and bearing the cold weather. Then, he praised the venue for hosting the concert. He spoke of what the mission of the Pueblo Glasshouse organization was all about and stated how if everyone joined forces and united, they could change the world. After ending the song a cappella, he reminded the audience how selflessness can impact the world. Shortly after, he invited Thompson to participate on the next song.

Thompson made his way on stage, as he and Foster embarked on rapping on top of old school beats. As DJ Sham spun the instrumentals, he put on The Fugees version of “Killing Me Softly”. Foster went onto sing Lauryn Hill’s chorus, while Thompson and Foster provided the verses. Then, Craig Mack’s remix of “Flava In Ya Ear” was heard and they provided their own lyrics. It was then followed by Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But A G Thing”, TLC’s “Creep” and Outkast’s “ATLiens”.

“Fly Me Away” brought an end to Foster’s recital. He went onto say some of the songs he performed are on his album. Then, he advised the crowd they were available for purchase near the back of the venue. He pointed out his girlfriend was selling them and said she was the one wearing the shirt which read “No”. He joked with audience and said whatever question they had, the answer could be read on her shirt. Then, a slower instrumental of Incubus’ “Drive” was heard and Foster performed on top of it.

“The Balancing”, “Old Friend”, “The Fall” and “Cold Breeze” were also part of Bryson Foster’s set.