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Brynn Cameron has a child with NBA star Blake Griffin

A September 23, 2013 TMZ headline reads: "MATT LEINART'S BABY MAMA: BLAKE GRIFFIN'S MY NEW BABY DADDY!" Matt Leinart is the former USC Trojan quarterback that won a BSC national title with running back, Reggie Bush. He also had a stint in the NFL, but is currently out of the league.

Matt Leinart sits with son, Colby, and Brynn Cameron at a USC Basketball game in 2008.
Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Leinart's "baby mama" is former USC women's basketball standout Brynn Cameron. Cameron and Los Angeles Clipper's star Blake Griffin dated at one point, but are allegedly no longer in a relationship. Cameron and Griffin's child, Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, was born in August.

But why is this news? People have children out of wedlock and with multiple partners every single day. Somehow people in the general public ascribe values to celebrities that they do not have for themselves. Often these judgments are borne out in vitriolic dialogue. Take for instance how many commented on The Big Lead's article about Cameron's children and their fathers:

"no way these kids will be maladjusted in their future....flow-chart to figure out who gets Christmas gifts....congratulations, you may be athletes, but you are no better than animals in controlling your idiotic instincts"

"Guess she f***s - EVERYBODY......."

However, one poster had words of semi wisdom:

"Blake is young, and worth millions. Yet, not only knocked up someone he obviously does not want to be committed to, but someone with a track record like this? So you want your kid to have half-siblings all over the place? What if you have a daughter, you want her to have this broad as a role-model? He is an idiot, and sucks at parenting choices already, because your first big task as a parent, is choosing the right person to have a kid with. good grief"

Undoubtedly these posters do not personally know any of the people in the article, and have probably dealt with out of wedlock births in their own families. Instead of confronting those more personal instances, they lash out at people anonymously.

What are your values?

If your values are having all of your children with one person who is your spouse, then live your life that way. It is optimal for children to grow up in healthy homes where the two adults have a healthy and committed relationship, without question. When parents of a child have a dysfunctional relationship, it breeds dysfunction into the child, who did not ask to be here.

However, most people do not think of how their relationship will impact any offspring that come from it. Cameron did not marry Leinart or Griffin for reasons only known to the parties involved. So now Cameron's two children are already in a divided space, having separate fathers. Then to pile on, they are the children of famous people, which shines a spotlight on them that they have no ability to allow or disallow.

If you really value children, maybe you should consider valuing the children of Leinart, Cameron, and Griffin as well. No matter how you feel about the parents' poor decisions, remember the children played no part in them.

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