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Bryant rookie dinner: Cowboys Dez Bryant paid $55k for dinner as a rookie

Cowboys Dez Bryant once paid $55k for dinner his rookie season.
Cowboys Dez Bryant once paid $55k for dinner his rookie season.
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Dez Bryant's rookie dinner purchase may have happened a few years ago, but it sure is making headlines today. According to a Yahoo! Sports report on June 2, Bryant paid $55,000 for team dinner as a rookie. Talk about an expensive way to start your career.

Bryant is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and most likely is on the verge of getting a sweeter deal his second time around in Big D, but he did share some stories about his rookie season that were pretty out there. In 2010 Bryant made news as a rookie before he even suited up for the Cowboys - not for his play, but for his refusal to carry receiver Roy Williams' shoulder pads, something that rookies have to do in Dallas.

"I'm not doing it," Bryant said at the time. "I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player's pads."

Looking back, maybe Bryant should have just carried the shoulder pads because he later got stuck doing something else - a very expensive something else. Bryant went to dinner with teammates to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse and got stuck with being the "fortunate" one to pay the tab, and this tab was the equivalent of most people's yearly salary!

“I paid $55,000 for a dinner, and it struck me the wrong way," he said. "I could’ve easily went off on every last one of them, but I didn’t. I kept myself together, and I wanted to change that. So you know what I did, went out there and did my thing. Now they’re allowing me to call the shots.”

Like it or not, every fall when the NFL begins a new season rookies are always the targets of jokes or other things and as long as they are in good taste than it is fair to say boys will be boys. However, there does have to be a limit on what one man can make another man do - even in the spirit of good fun.

Let's not forget we are not even a year removed form the Miami Dolphins locker room scandal centering around Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Bryant has had his share of sideline meltdowns in his first few year's as a Cowboy, but his talent is undeniable. It will be interesting to see which rookies will have a story or two to tell from the 2014 class this time next year.

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