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Bryan Fischer: Teaching Ten Commandments would have prevented Ft. Hood shooting

American Family Radio
American Family Radio
Bryan Fischer

During his March 3, 2014 radio broadcast, American Family Radio's Truth Detector, Bryan Fischer, took a call from someone expressing her sorrow over yesterday's shooting at Fort Hood.

To give you a general idea of what kind of people Fischer broadcasts to, she suggested that the key to preventing future tragedies is for Christians to get back to abiding by the Ten Commandments, especially the practice of honoring the Sabbath on Saturday, as God intended.

Fischer disagreed, but only about the Sabbath being on Saturday.

'Thou shalt not murder.' I mean, what if this guy had grown up hearing that at home, hearing that at school, because the Ten Commandments will be posted on the walls of a school, and hearing that in Sunday School, and hearing that in the sermon on Sunday, I mean, repeatedly being reminded that God said that thou shalt not murder.

Because, apparently, unless God says it, it's not valid. The fact that murder is already forbidden by every single law book on the planet is evidently not good enough for the American Taliban.

Fischer may want to forget that his suggestion had already been tried in the 80s with "Say no to drugs" plastered on the walls and on television everywhere in the country (remind me, how successful was that again?).

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