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Bryan Fischer: Rick Perry is "last, best hope to restore the Republic"

Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer
American Family Radio

On February 28th, 2014, American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer took a break from his truth detecting on the airwaves to pen a column for Barb Wire with Matt Barber, in which he argues that "Gov. Rick Perry of Texas may be our last, best hope of reclaiming America and returning it to its constitutional foundations."

And really, who better to defend the Republic than someone who throws a temper tantrum and threatens to pull his entire state out of the Union after every single election year?

"Gov. Perry can do this by ignoring or better yet flatly defying federal Judge Orlando L. Garcia's blatantly unconstitutional, immoral and illegal ruling overturning the Texas marriage amendment," Fischer writes, once again operating under the assumption that constitutionality, morality and legality are determined by whatever would be most convenient for the American Taliban at the moment.

"The Constitution begins 'We the People,' not 'We the Black-Robed Tyrants'," he writes, once again considering it tyranny to hold an opinion not identical to his own. "It's time for Gov Perry to remind federal judges of the very first words of the document they took an oath before God to uphold."

Fischer proceeded to compare gay marriage to the train from the movie Unstoppable, interlaced with his usual obsessions about "sexual deviancy" in place of equality, climaxing in Fischer once again insisting that the Constitution is whatever he wants it to be at the moment:

"Gov. Perry can uphold both the constitution of the state of Texas and the Constitution of the United States by declaring that no matter what a federal judge or court decides, marriage in Texas will continue to be a man-woman institution," he writes. "He can issue a directive that no marriage licenses will be issued by country clerks to same-sex couples in the state of Texas, period.

"Let's be very clear: were Gov. Perry to do this, he would not be violating the Constitution, he would be upholding it. It would not be the governor but the judge who is violating the Constitution and his oath of office."

Let's be very clear: He would be violating the Constitution because Garcia's decision was based on the unconstitutionality of the gay marriage ban.

Bryan Fischer has already been through this; he threw one of the loudest temper tantrums when Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act were deemed unconstitutional.

That Supreme Court decision didn't just magically disappear because he prayed for it, and if Rick Perry were to try to challenge the ban, the results would be the same.

The American Taliban's war against reality remains as futile as ever.

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