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Bryan Fischer: People who believe evolution "disqualified" from holding office

The way a conspiracy theory expands every single time it is disproved is not entirely unique. Anyone with experience will tell you that any lie will continue to get bigger and bigger the longer the liar attempts to keep it alive.

Bryan Fischer
American Family Radio

Bryan "The Truth Detector" Fischer has been trying to push a lie for his entire career: The lie that the Founding Fathers intended for America to be a Christian nation, that freedom of religion only applies to Christians, and that the equal protection under the law only applies to Christians.

Fischer's delusion has expanded to the point where he now no longer just believes the law does not protect other religious affiliations or the LGBT community. On January 2nd, 2014, Fischer implied that believers in science should have no rights as well.

According to Fischer, anyone who believes in evolution is "disqualified from holding political office in the United States of America."

According to Fischer, the Founding Fathers were ardent creationists (even though several were noted scientists), and that they knew that "man is a created being, not an evolved being, didn't rise out of the swamp somewhere."

"We don't share ancestors with apes and baboons," he continued. "In fact, I would suggest to you that if a politician, if somebody wants to exercise political power and he is an evolutionist, he is disqualified from holding political office in the United States of America. Because he does not share the political worldview that established the United States of America."

Ignoring the fact that the political worldview Fischer attempts to enshrine was one in which only white males had any rights and slavery was just fine and dandy, Fischer's argument once again hinges on a desperate attempt at pigeonholing his ideological opposition into an exaggerated stereotype.

"American people shouldn't vote for them because that guy," he continued, "if he does not believe that we are created beings and that our rights come to us from God, that man cannot be trusted to protect your civil rights."

One could argue instead, however, that someone who rejects creationism will recognize civil rights as something that can be easily lost and more vigilantly defend them.

People like Bryan Fischer, on the other hand, cannot be trusted to behave themselves without the threat of some invisible, all-seeing man in the sky who will shove a lightning bolt down their throat if they ever step out of line, much less to protect the rights of others.

Even with that threat, Bryan Fischer's track record on civil rights is absolutely abysmal and should indicate that a fundamentalist Christian is the very last person who should ever be trusted to protect our rights.

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