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Bryan Fischer: Government's role is "to only approve that which God approves"

During the March 19, 2014 broadcast of his radio show, Bryan Fischer insisted that nothing that the Bible considers to be sinful can ever be tolerated or made legal by the government because anyone who holds public office is a "minister of God" with "a responsibility to use that authority in a manner that is consistent with the truth of God."

Bryan Fischer
American Family Radio

For this reason, Fischer insists, gives any sort of protection or equality to the LGBT community is in violation because, in granting such rights, elected officials are abusing their positions in order "to approve something that God criticizes, to approve something that God condemns."

"The responsibility of those in civil authority is to only approve that which God approves and to stand against that which He rejects," Fischer declared.

Many members of the American Taliban have not been shy about their desire to completely abolish democracy in favor of a plutocratic theocracy, though Fischer differs from most in that he appears to believe he can trick his listeners into thinking this has already been accomplished.

American Family Radio's Truth Detector has already been ridiculed by this column for having insisted, in plain English, that constitutional freedom of religion is a right exclusive to Christians, which was just as grounded in reality as this latest bout of willful stupidity.

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