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Bryan Fischer: End amnesty by ending "welfare state" & minimum wage

Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer
American Family Radio

Despite supposedly being a compassionate Christian called on to defend the poor and the meek, American Family Radio's Truth Detector, Bryan Fischer, has penned a column for suggesting that Americans deliberately screw up their own country just to keep foreigners out of it.

"It's no secret that the Chamber of Commerce is about to spend $50 million to defeat Tea Party candidates in GOP primaries all across the fruited plain," he writes. "The reason? Tea Party folks are dead set for a secure border and dead set against amnesty.

"Corporate America is all about amnesty and ramping up the flood of low-skill workers across our borders. Why? They want cheap labor. They need workers willing to work for minimum wage.

"Why can't they hire Americans for these jobs? The answer in one word: welfare."

Fischer proceeds to recite at great length the usual libertarian fantasy that all welfare recipients are sitting on their asses playing XBox instead of tightening their belts as much as possible.

Fischer claims, for example, that "we have 92 million Americans who are employable but who are not in the workforce," even though the vast majority of those non-working Americans are actually retired seniors or youths still in the school system.

"We need not only to dismantle the welfare state, we need to eliminate minimum wage laws," he writes. "Minimum wage laws hurt the poor, the very people we are told they're supposed to help. A worker who can only offer an employer $6 worth of labor an hour is not going to get hired by an employer at $7.25. He’d go out of business in a hurry with those kind of hiring decisions."

Back in that pesky little thing called reality, minimum wage laws do protect people from the previous era of hyper-exploitative hiring practices -- protects workers from employers who would otherwise be trying to pay them pennies a day like they did in the early 1900s.

More critically, Fischer's plan to prevent amnesty depends on a sick fantasy that minimum wage laws are only for white people.

In reality, the real solution to America's wage problems would be exactly what Fischer is fighting against: Amnesty.

Most low-wage workers are being exploited by employers who know their status as undocumented immigrants leaves them vulnerable. A pathway to citizenship would afford them the same legal protections and starve abusive employers of illegals to exploit.

This is not a difficult concept to grasp, but it's one which Fischer will ignore every day for the rest of his life because this was never about amnesty or the economy to begin with.

This is about Fischer's desire to spit on minorities and poor people (because that's what Jesus would do).

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