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Bryan Fischer calls opposition to legal discrimination the return of Jim Crow

On January 26th, 2014, American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer once again complained that not allowing Christians to discriminate against homosexuals (or anyone else they might find offensive) would be discriminatory against Christians.

Bryan Fischer
American Family Radio

This is a ridiculous talking point that was dead on arrival, but that the American Taliban never seems to get tired of spewing forth over and over anyway.

Jim Crow is back," said Fischer, "but it's because of the work of Big Gay and their allies, including the NFL."

According to Fischer, the NFL has threatened to move the Super Bowl from Arizona if Gov. Jan Brewer did not "bow the knee to the God of Gayness" and veto the legislation, as well as that the NFL is essentially trying to segregate Arizona from the rest of society.

"In other words, what the NFL is saying to Arizona [is that] if you don't bow the knee to the God of Gayness, you cannot sit at our lunch counter. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is Jim Crow."

Fischer has once again apparently willed himself to forget his own frequent advocacy for discrimination, not just against the LGBT community, but also against women, Muslims and non-Christians in general.

No matter how much he kicks and screams that he wants it, Bryan Fischer cannot have his discrimination while simultaneously condemning it.

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