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Brutus the crocodile: Crocodile attacking shark caught on camera, who won?

Brutus the crocodile knows how to throw down. If there was ever any doubt of a croc’s water superiority, it was put to rest after tourists on a cruise saw a rare brawl between a crocodile and a shark. The epic clash was caught in a series of stunning pics, as seen in the video above.

Writes the AFP via Yahoo! News on Wednesday: “Tourists in northern Australia have been left stunned by two fierce animals going head-to-head – a massive saltwater crocodile wrestling with a bull shark in its jaws. Andrew Paice was on an hour-long wildlife cruise on the Adelaide River with his partner and seven-year-old daughter on Tuesday when they spotted something unusual on the riverbank.”

Brutus, a well-know monster croc from Australia’s Northern Territory, sank his teeth into the shark’s midsection before swimming off into the mangroves to eat it’s bounty in peace.

Incredibly, Brutus, who is over five meters long and around 80-years-old, has only three legs. It’s thought that Brutus lost his front leg in a similar fight with a shark. Nothing like a ticked-off croc looking to take a vengeful bite out of something.

Paice, who was on the river cruise with his girlfriend Nikki and seven-year-old daughter Madison, said their tour guide knew Brutus well and had him leaping out of the water at chunks of meat that were baited for the giant croc.

“The tour guide had Brutus jumping at some meat the first time we went past him. Brutus is quite well known up here… he jumps really high for an old crocodile,” Paice said. “We were near the end of the tour and we’d fed all of the crocodiles along the river. We were on our way back to the jetty when we saw (the crocodile) had something in his mouth.”

The tour guide stopped the boat for the show.

“The shark was definitely alive... it was still wriggling,” Paice said. “The crocodile slid back into the water and the shark started to flip around a bit. Then the crocodile swam into the mangroves, I guess to protect his catch.”

Paice, whose stunning photos are now being seen by tens of thousands, said he “never even thought about a crocodile catching a shark before. It was absolutely amazing to see. Everyone was astonished. I was amazed I even caught it on camera.”

Paice, a Sydney resident, is on a year-long trip with his girlfriend and daughter. Four months in, he said this was the best thing they have seen so far. Paice said his daughter was “awestruck,” as were the rest of the tour group.

“There's some amazing sites to see up here. To see the jumping crocodiles was pretty amazing but then to see this... I think it will be pretty hard to top,” he said.

We’d have to agree.

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