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Brutal tragedy in Detroit

Brutal tragedy in Detroit. Earlier this week, Steve Utash was driving on Morang in Detroit. He accidentally struck 10 year-old David Harris. Utash stopped to provide what aid he could. Shortly thereafter, Utash was ambushed and 12 ruthless Black gang members beat Mr. Utash savagely. Utash is White. Now he is clinging for his life in St. John’s Hospital. Young David Harris is recovering from being struck by the vehicle and he is in better condition than Utash.

This occurrence and ending are both sorrowful.

This violent attack is the never-ending story of Detroit. Naturally, the politically crowd is silent as a church mouse about this sordid event. The liberal Detroit Free Press editorial staff is completely ignoring the story. Detroit Mayor Duggan has only said healing needs to be done. Attorney General Holder who accused Americans of being cowards hasn’t commented at all about the incident. Congressman Gary Peters who is still in hiding from the Obamacare fiasco has been equally scarce on the beating which occurred in his district.

The violence in Detroit is a direct result of incompetence and political correctness. Two suspects have are in custody. The safest bet anyone can make is each of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ has a police record, a high school dropout and raised without a father. A city is rapidly decaying and liberals refuse to address the real problems. So an innocent hard-working man is fighting to stay alive. How many more victims have to suffer like Steve Utash? How many more generations of Black youths have to live a life of squalor and violence?

The story made national headlines because of the racial component. But next week, there will be gangland shootings and beatings. The victims and perpetrators will be Black, very little will be reported.

Duggan brags he wants to provide solutions for Detroit. He better get to work.

Final Thought: Mary Barra made several mistakes when testifying to Congress this week. She didn’t blame her predecessor, didn’t claim ignorance and she didn’t lie. Otherwise, the Free Press would have protected her.

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