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Brutal murder in Suitland, Fred Davis apprehended

Washington, D.C. news sources have identified a murder victim that happened in Suitland, Md. this week. Amos Milburn Jones, 54, described as homeless by choice, was found stabbed to death behind a shopping center along an alleyway in the 4600 block of Huron Avenue.

Six suspects have been arrested in relation to the death, due to a possible altercation Jones had with a female teenager. According to the story, the teen came back with the suspects who have been identified as members of the gang MS-13 responsible for the killing. They are 18-year-old Jose Eduardo Menjibar-Alaman, 3100 block of Swann Road in Suitland; 20-year-old Oscar Alberto Parada, 3200 block of Swann Road in Suitland; 23-year-old Jose Irving Guzman Dominquez, 3200 block of Swann Road in Suitland; 18-year-old Jose Martinez Serrano, 3200 block of Swann Road in Suitland; 18-year-old Almicah Sergovir, 2600 block of Colebrooke Drive in Temple Hills and 17-year-old Katherine Abigial Lopez, 4700 block of Arizona Avenue in Las Vegas, NV. The 17-year-old will be tried as an adult.

More on this story is in the video. More information on the gang MS-13 can be viewed below.

Former Redskin Fred Davis apprehended

Former Washington Redskin tight end Fred Davis turned himself in to the police Wednesday due to a warrant out for his arrest for domestic abuse. Below is the police report drawn up on June 2 in which Davis had an altercation with an ex-girlfriend in the 2400 block of 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan.

From the police report (via NBC4):

A few moments after arriving at the location [Davis] approached [his ex-girlfriend] from behind and placed his hands on her shoulder, turned her around approximately 180 degrees so her backside was facing [her male friend] at which time [Davis] stated to [the friend] "Why you with her, she doesn't have an ass."

[Davis' ex-girlfriend] then told [her male friend] that she needed to have a cigarette and went out in front of the [restaurant]... [Davis] walked outside, grabbed a handful of dirt and flowers from the hanging plant box and threw them at [his ex-girlfriend's] torso area.

While [Davis' ex-girlfriend and her male friend] were standing together, Davis stated "I'm gonna slap you cause you fakin'. Your friend looks like 2 Chainz.

Davis’ hearing was on Thursday; he was released from jail. His next hearing is Aug. 28.

This is not the first time Davis has been in trouble due to his behavior. More on the recent story from the Washington Post can be viewed here.

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