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Brutal armed robbery in Monterey Park illustrates failure and dangers of gun control

According to the Police, shortly after 3 am yesterday, 2 armed men tied up six people in their own home, robbed them, and stole their Porsche. A couple had been at a night club in downtown LA. They were followed home, presumably because the make of their vehicle indicated wealth. The couple had four house guests, who were tied up with them. One man was pistol whipped. The aid of the public is being enlisted after the fact, however, California law, and perhaps public opinion,prevented the public from preventing the crime.

This may seem like a strange, perhaps a disrespectful assertion. However, the facts are as follows:

The suspects are described as two hispanic males in their 20s who wore hoodies. The couple were followed home from east LA. the men had two handguns, one a revolver, one a semi-automatic. This is not the description of registered gun owners acting in desperation due to the recession, nor of Iraq veterans gone mad. The description clearly fits the profile of hispanic street gang members. While it is not the intention of the author to imply an entire ethnicity to be violent or criminal, this particular category of persons, hispanic gangsters, is a population which, according to the recent FBI statistics are primarily illegal aliens, a population whose members are likely to be felons regardless of citizenship. Non-Citizens are not allowed to purchase firearms, yet in spite of that, Felipe Calderon, shamefully backed by Barack Hussein Obama, has blamed violent crimes committed within Mexican territory on American gun dealers, and the current administration pushes for a treaty that would allow foreign nations to restrict the rights of American Citizens, and penalize them for the actions of foreign criminals. Felons are not allowed to purchase firearms, and surveys conducted within the prison system indicate that the majority of prisoners had stolen the weapons they used.

The fact is, not only do criminals, surprising as it may seem, have a general tendency to disregard the law, but California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and a generally haglophobic (gun-fearing) mentality, which create a billboard of sorts for would-be thugs. After all, what message is sent when it's more dangerous to own the tools of protection, and risk a jail sentence if you fall astray of any of several dozen technicalities, than to simply lay down and die? A user at the pro-freedom website had this to say about the right of self defense: "In a SD [self defense] shooting, almost certainly the defender will be arrested, and it's likely that s/he will be charged. SD is a defense, which likely will be tried. It's almost a joke, but it really is better to be 'tried by 12 than carried by 6'. Selling that 'carried by 6' was a likely result is what you need to accomplish[in order to be found not guilty of murder]" Self defense is a basic human right, a concept which was once so well enshrined in the Common Law that it was used to justify war and secession in our very declaration of independence, yet slowly it's been eroded to this point.

In observing Britain, and her state of the (monarchal) union today, one can see a grim forecast of potential consequences for America. She is a disarmed society, deprived of her right to self defense, deprived the right to firearms. Police officially issued a warning and reminder that purchasing a toy for a child will ensure one a jail sentence this Christmas season, while armed robbery, home invasion robbery, stabbings, and other violent crimes continue to increase, police continue to confiscate weapons off the streets which have been criminalized, workers have been arrested for carrying the tools of their trade, and children have been shot for playing with toy guns.

Have such atrocities of government and other thuggery not already occurred in California? Is the right of the people to keep and bear arms, which our founding fathers saw as a basic human right, any less infringed upon in any of the various states with strict anti-freedom laws here in the United States? Will we as a society continue to metaphorically defecate on the grave of Thomas Jefferson, who among other patriots of old proclaimed that it is not only our right, but our duty, to defend ourselves as people and as a nation, and abolish the government which has denied to us the Rights of Man? It is in the aspirations, dreams, and prayers of this Examiner, that we not only cast off the shackles of tyranny, but do so immediately through peaceable, legal, and political action, so that brother need not slay brother in this land of Liberty.


  • Pinky 5 years ago

    Wow!! Great article!! Thumbs up!

  • DanTheMan 5 years ago

    Well said.

  • Tim S 5 years ago

    Excellent article! We need more writer like you in California.

  • Timothy 5 years ago

    I wonder about the relationship between british pro-thuggery self-defense laws and the virulent anti-Israeli sentiment prevalent there.

  • Left Coast Conservative 5 years ago

    Many readers who do not ive in California will be surprised to learn that there is no right to keep and bear arms in this state. The 2nd Amendment does not yet apply to the states, and the California constitution has no RKBA provision. Add a generally hoplophobic population, and a legislature that actually hates guns, the results are the strict and strange guns laws in California.