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Brushing up on the do's and don'ts

This weather so beautiful right now and our pets are eager to take advantage of the nice spring temperatures and flowers. They, just like us, get spring fever. What a great time to go outside and walk, hike or have a relaxing day under a tree by a stream or river and enjoy nature. We can also stay at home and work in the garden. Our FFBF will love being outside with us exploring all the new scents of flowers, dirt, water and so forth.

One part to this beautiful day is that our FFBF is on their good behavior. Taking the time to run through the basics of sit, stay, heel, no, leave it and so forth will enhance this day so wonderfully. Absolutely nothing will ruin our day, week and year more than having our friend either eat something which was not meant for them or dash out to say ‘Hello’ to another pet and either get hit by a car or mauled by an unfriendly (dog, cat, human or whatever); and of course jump into the water and not make it back to shore due to the water temperature or current.

Sasha is getting a little older but for her this is a grand time of year. Although she is not a water dog (we simply do not tell her that after Golden comes Retriever) a little slower, the fresh air and sun is something of great pleasure; older pets may enjoy this more than we think. Sasha has an unusual desire to eat very strange things, (keep in mind this is not a puppy (11 years old) so I am very careful to make sure of what is within eating distance for her.

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