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Brush off the dust and crank up the volume: Celebrate Vinyl Record Day

Today is the day to get nostalgic and dig out that old phonograph, dust it off, place one of your favorite prize records on it and crank up the volume. This amazing music machine that was invented by Thomas Alva Edison on August 12, 1877 paved the way for a special holiday.

The Fest For Beatles Fans
The Fest For Beatles Fans
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Celebrate Vinyl Record Day
Mark Shallow / Getty Images

That holiday is “Vinyl Record Day” and is celebrated world-wide by music lovers every year on August 12. Whether you place a 45 or a 33 on the player and swing that arm over with its diamond needle where music came into homes everywhere when the family radio wasn’t on. Vinyl records had a special sound and smell to them that anyone who ever owned any would remember instantly after holding a record for a few seconds.

The records when they were produced not only were made of vinyl but had album covers that were elaborate. The art work that was on the album covers was amazing and worthy of being collected and becoming collector item over the years.

Back n 2002 a man named Gary Freiberg launched an event annually that would put “Vinyl Record Day” on the map or actually the calendar. It was a day to celebrate cultural influence, vinyl records and their preservation as well as a tribute to the artwork on the album covers and how pop culture through music changed over the years.

Records were played everywhere in the day. Music filled the air in homes, restaurants in the form of juke boxes and over loud speakers at burger joints and soda pop or soda fountain shops around towns.

Music has changed many times over throughout the years on how it now is available to all who want to listen. With digital clarity the vinyl records tool a back door and wound up in storage or on auction blocks for resale or tucked safety away as collector’s pieces.

Do you remember having a phonograph? Can you imagine the smell from those vinyl records in your mind? Do you miss that scratching sound as the needle lightly stroked the revolving record to capture the music and fill the air with your favorite tunes?

Remember the past and celebrate “Vinyl Record Day” and enjoy the music always!

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