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Brunswick, Maryland has an El Sloppy Tacos

Brunswick VS Small Town America
Brunswick VS Small Town America
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Talk about a hole in the wall and complete dive joint. The whole town of Brunswick, Maryland has very little charm; it has only backwoods appeal for the cheap properties and beautiful scenery. People live here to escape the high cost of living in Fairfax and Montgomery counties.

Brunswick, Maryland
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Brunswick is a only a bridge away from Loudon county, Virginia which offers less taxes and more room between properties and the nostalgic, quaint farm life that still exists out here. As far as restaurants go, Brunswick is not Leesburg or Shepherdstown for that matter. Brunswick still has a resident flying a confederate flag in his front yard, a symbol to most of us who have any type of Mediterranean blood or darkness in us that we simply are not welcome here.

The restaurant to be examined is called El Sloppy Tacos which is possibly the only ethnic food in Brunswick accept for the mobile Thai food van. The food is cheap and surprisingly tasty and fresh. The atmosphere is in a word, common, plain and low standard. There are maybe ten tables and a pool table; you may bring in your own beer when you eat there. They are located at 12 South Maple Avenue with phone number (301)834-3311.

The one server/cashier is on the phone during the entire experience( not a business call) which isn’t terrible but again casts Brunswick into the shadows of commonness and low class that reverberates through the entire town.

This is not Paris, or NYC or Washington D.C. this is backwoods America where the most thriving business in Brunswick is the liquor store. The town is also collapsing upon itself. There was a grocery store and it went bankrupt about a month ago, the other diner across the street from the Taco place is also closed.

There is a beautiful train station in Brunswick which sits facing the Potomac River and it commutes those who wish to travel into Washington D.C. via the Shady Grove Metro. There are at least 30 cars sitting in the commuter lot, so those are the possibly the ones who take the hour and a half trip into work every day one way in order to not park a car In D.C. or drive in the stop and go traffic on I-270 or through the Dulles toll way.

Many tourists spend far too much time avoiding Brunswick because it simply has no charm, eloquence or class. They prefer Leesburg and the older, classier Virginia towns that have a tourist appeal.