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Bruno Sammartino interview discusses WWE return and Ultimate Warrior death

Bruno Sammartino interview
Bruno Sammartino interview
WWE / Twitter

Bruno Sammartino did an interview with Wrestling365 Talk Radio and Lords of Pain reported on Tuesday that he spoke about possibly being involved with “Wrestlemania 31.” Sammartino also had some thoughts on Ultimate Warrior’s death and Hulk Hogan. Here is a look at some of the highlights of the Bruno Sammartino interview.

When it comes to “Wrestlemania 31,” the interview was discussing the giant statue built in Sammartino’s honor that will stand in the WWE Hall of Fame once a physical location is built. That switched the topic to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at this year’s Wrestlemania, where the winner got a large trophy that was a statue of Andre. The hosts asked if he would be honored if the WWE offered a special kind of match like that in his name.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is rumored to happen every year in the WWE at “Wrestlemania,” and the hosts thought it might be nice to have someone different memorialized each year. While that seems weird to have a memorial trophy named after someone who is still alive, Bruno said he would be honored. Then he said that he would be flattered to be part of “Wrestlemania 31” in some way and the door is open for him to be there.

That is pretty huge news since Bruno was against the WWE for many years thanks to the risqué angles of the Attitude Era and the rampant steroid use before that era. He even spoke out again against Hulk Hogan and this isn’t the first time he has spoken out against Hogan. He has always dismissed Hogan, saying he is not talented and only is there because of steroids. However, almost hypocritically, he still has a lot of praise for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career.

The Bruno Sammartino interview also went into the area of The Ultimate Warrior’s death. While he did not have the same overall criticism of Warrior as he did of Hogan, he said Warrior didn’t look right at the WWE Hall of Fame. He said that Warrior had a limp, didn’t seem right and was sweating a lot. He said that it was clear there was something wrong with Warrior three days before his death.