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Bruno Mars Act: Law introduced to hurt ticket scalpers inspired by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars performs at the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014
Bruno Mars performs at the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014
Getty images/ Larry Busacca

The Bruno Mars Act is a law being suggested in Hawaii to curb the opportunity for ticket scalpers to buy up tickets for concerts and sell them at incredible profits to the public. The law being proposed is being called the Bruno Mars Act because the idea has been introduced in Hawaii after tickets for a Bruno Mars concert have been snatched up by opportunistic scalpers buying up tickets online, according to an Inquisitr article on Saturday.

By scalpers snatching up the tickets, many people who waited in long lines to buy tickets were faced with a ticket agent stating that tickets had been sold out. Hawaii’s State Senate President Donna Mercado Kim is just one of many people who think this is not fair at all. Therefore, a law is being presented which states that anyone who takes the time to show up in person should have the opportunity to purchase tickets for at least the first two days before ticket sales are opened up online.

Kim said that it is quite unfortunate that out-of-state ticket brokers and scalpers will be selling the Bruno Mars concert tickets back to local residents for an enormous profit.

This law, should it pass, will also give persons who show up in person at the box office to purchase tickets a chance at getting the best seats for a concert. With this law, online sales will not begin until 48 hours have passed, following the initial sales that are not conducted online.