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Bruce Jenner Adam's apple surgery photos reveal new look (Photos)

Bruce Jenner sex change rumors are flying after allegedly post-surgical photos highlight Jenner's reported Adam's apple reduction.
Clint Brewer/Splash News

The first photos of former Olympian Bruce Jenner following his alleged Adam's apple surgery hit the Internet on Feb. 11 and we really need to discuss this whole situation.

Basically, the photos are prompting more speculation that Jenner is in the process of transitioning to a female. Bruce Jenner sex change rumors have been swirling for months, and were only spurred on by news that the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was going in for a trachea reduction or laryngeal shave.

However, Jenner insists he "just never liked" his trachea.

Bruce Jenner Photos Reveal Shaved Trachea: Gossip Suggests Adam's Apple Surgery Means Sex Change

We don't really want to feed the gender reassignment fire. Instead, we would like to point out that lots of wealthy, middle-aged men living in Southern California get as many nips and tucks as the women do.

We know Jenner has had facelifts and work done on his nose, so why not file down a prominent Adam's apple if that's what he felt like doing? Why does this move cause people to automatically assume his entire identity is in crisis?

The former track-and-field star and Olympic gold-medalist can certainly afford the $5000 procedure, so he really doesn't need to explain his actions to anyone outside of his family.

Morning show host Wendy Williams seems to agree. "He doesn't owe the world an explanation. He doesn't owe the Kardashian girls an explanation. He owes his biological daughters and his sons an explanation," Wendy Williams said Tuesday morning on her talk show.

Bruce Jenner sex change rumors have also been fueled by the father-of-ten's recent hairstyles. Jenner has been favoring a ponytail recently and in the new post-surgery shots, is seen stepping out with a teased, feathered look.

Jenner's tight polo shirts have also revealed some VMM action of late - VMM being Visible Man Mammaries, of course. However, you show us a 64-year-old man without a little extra padding on top and we'll show you our pet unicorn. (His name is Francis; yes, his horn is made of diamonds; no, you can't ride him.)

Assuming Jenner indeed intends to remain a man, these rumors are only going to give him a complex about getting a breast reduction! Besides, all of this gossip over how someone looks seems more than a bit shallow. Bruce Jenner comes across as a decent, talented human being whose family is going through a lot right now. Isn't he entitled to a midlife crisis in the midst of separating from wife Kris Jenner and watching his little girls turn into fashion models who now show nip?

Adam's apple surgery, trachea shave, hair implants, man boobs and all, we're with you, Bruce Jenner! Don't ever let the haters get you down.

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