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Bruce Rauner 'term limits' plan also not good enough for Bruce Rauner (Opinion)

Bruce Rauner, Republican candidate for governor of Illinois, is aggressively campaigning on the issue of "term limits" in the state of Illinois.

Bruce Rauner wants "term limits" for governor of Illinois for everyone, except himself.
Bruce Rauner for Governor

Limiting the terms, according to Bruce Rauner, should apply to all state lawmakers, says Rauner. Because if it was "good enough for America's first President, George Washington," then by extension, it is good enough for state lawmakers. George Washington chose to limit his stay to two terms.

Rauner points out that two terms were also good enough for former President Ronald Reagan, who didn't have the same choice as George Washington.

Only serving two terms is not good enough for one person.

Bruce Rauner.

'Term limits" would not apply to Bruce Rauner, the man who is spending millions of dollars out-of-pocket is pursuing "term limits" for state lawmakers.

Here is how Rauner's "term limits" plan would work:

"Term limits" would apply to Illinois lawmakers in both houses and would make overriding the governor's veto not just a little more difficult, but exponentially more difficult.

Bruce Rauner, if elected governor, would not be impacted by "term limits."

Rauner launched a ballot initiative PAC, The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits, which began circulating petitions last September to place a state constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot that would reform the legislature and enact term limits on state legislators.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is laying out his position on term limits today, calling for an eight-year maximum lifetime service in the General Assembly for lawmakers and restructuring the senate chamber so there are fewer state senators.

Other changes Rauner is pushing for through a new Ballot Initiative PAC would call for a change in the threshold needed to override a veto — from 3/5 to 2/3.

For his part, Rauner said he would have a self-imposed eight-year maximum term in the governor’s mansion if he were elected.

Which again begs the question, if term limits are good enough for state lawmakers, why aren't they good enough for Bruce Rauner.


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