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Bruce Rauner's running mate deletes facebook account: What is she hiding?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) with Illinois Republican lieutenant governor candidate, Evelyn Sanguinetti at Hispanic Republicans gathered at the DuPage Lincoln Day Dinner.
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) with Illinois Republican lieutenant governor candidate, Evelyn Sanguinetti at Hispanic Republicans gathered at the DuPage Lincoln Day Dinner.
Posted on by The Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) of DuPage.

Evelyn Sanguinetti is the nominee for lieutenant governor of Illinois, running on the Republican ticket with Bruce Rauner, and the hope is that she lead a "Latino coalition" for Rauner, as reported today by the Chicago Sun Times. The coalition could unravel quicker than it started, because Sanguinetti leads the “Latino coalition”. The Chicago Elections Examiner has learned that that the Facebook profile account of Sanguinetti has been deleted. A search for the former Facebook page results in this message: "Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed."

Evelyn Sanguinetti, candidate for lieutenant governor of Illinois, has deleted her facebook page. Could part of the reason be the relationship with Canadian-born Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (center, between Rauner and Sanguinetti)
Bruce Rauner, campaign photo (left); Ted Cruz (center), Getty Images, Justin Sullivan; Evelyn Sanguinetti (right), campaign photo.

In a Google cache of her former Facebook page, we may have some hints to what Sanguinetti is hiding, and why Rauner would not want this loose cannon on his team giving her opinions on political matters or leading "Latino coalitions."

What could Evelyn Sanguinetti be hiding from the voting public by deleting her Facebook? Is Bruce Rauner behind the deletion of the Facebook page? The answer to that question can only be, "Of course he is."

There may signs that Bruce Rauner and his team may be growing weary of Evelyn Sanguinetti as the running mate, as this recent incident showed. Evelyn Sanguinetti was interviewed by Hola America TV and asked about the role of the Illinois lieutenant governor. It was clear from her response that she misunderstands that role.

The response caught the attention of Capitol Fax's Rich Miller, who posted a couple of weeks ago that Bruce Rauner's running mate is "Truly unclear on the concept" on what her role might be in the office of lieutenant governor, should she and Rauner get elected this November.

Evelyn Sanguinetti said about the role, "Depends on the governor. It’s up to the governor to give us a role. And so with Bruce Rauner we’re going to work as a team. I will be his partner. And wherever he’s not, I will be able to make decisions in his stead. And it’s a great deal for the taxpayer because we’ll both be working hand in hand with one another."

Rich Miller commented that "If she’s gonna have gubernatorial powers, perhaps the Rauner campaign ought to explain what those would be."

The campaign was forced to back pedal and the fact that the campaign had to comment, is a clear sign of problems with her. Rauner spokesman Mike Schrimpf interpreted the remarks made by Evelyn Sanguinetti as to the role of the lieutenant governor, according to a report by Natasha Korecki of the Chicago Sun Times. "What Evelyn meant is that she and Bruce will be totally in sync that she could walk into any meeting and clearly represent his views on any given issue," Schrimpf said.

Why did Sanguinetti delete her facebook page?

One possible reason, for example, is that Sanguinetti "liked" a page, the movie "2016: Obama's America". Dinesh D’souza, a felon who was convicted of violating federal campaign finance laws, produced this movie. The movie is an extremist, highly charged racist attack on President Obama, and strongly suggested that the President of the United States is anti-American, who wants to weaken America. It also rehashes the Fox News-inspired, racist attempts to tie him to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, similar to the shots taken at Obama in 2008 by another failed running mate, Sarah Palin.

Evelyn Sanguinetti also "liked" a fan page titled "I will NOT vote for Obama in 2012". There is nothing wrong with opposing a candidate, but this page is another an extremist, right wing and clearly racist page. More despicable than the Obama movie, most articles are racist in nature and are about African-Americans committing crimes, and users leaving racist comments that are left undeleted by the page administrators.

One disgusting racist photo is of President Obama, which includes a picture that puts Obama's face on a urinal cake. Another photo is of Obama burning the United States Constitution. Yet a couple of other pages are bumper stickers that call Obama an "Ass" and a "Moron".

Worst of all, the page even disrespected women, promulgating the Republican "War on Women." The page takes it out on First Lady Michelle Obama. This raises the question: Would the women involved in the so-called "Latino coalition" really want their names attached to Sanguinetti?

So basically, we have the woman that Bruce Rauner picked to be his running mate, and who wants to be the Lieutenant Governor of President Obama's home state. A woman who could end up becoming the governor one day, with racist and extremist "likes."

Also "likes" a movie that attacks the President as un-American, and a nauseating, racist page that insults the President and First Lady in the most subhuman ways possible, making Ted Nugent "subhuman mongrel cracks" seems tame.

That seems like a pretty good explanation for why the Rauner campaign may have asked Evelyn Sanguinetti to delete her Facebook page. It is just as much about what has been posted, as it is about what might be posted going forward, since she seems a loose cannon.

There is one more possibility and that is trying to hide the relationship between Evelyn Sanguinetti, and the tea party extremist, Canadian-born Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, as reported by the Wheaton Patch. It was Cruz that led the federal government shutdown last October, in an attempt to "repeal" President Obama's highly successful Affordable Care Act, in which 8 million plus Americans signed up on the insurance marketplaces and estimates that up to 16 million signing up for the Individual Qualified Health Plans (QHPs).

Add to that total, another nearly 9 million poor low-income and underprivileged Americans, who are now covered under the Affordable Care Act's "Medicaid cash expansion."

It was Cruz who wanted to roll back this law and use the federal government shutdown as leverage. Presumably, Evelyn Sanguinetti supports Cruz in those efforts. The Wheaton Patch article also quotes Sanguinetti saying about Cruz, "To have a fellow Hispanic Republican of such national significance speak with us and communicate a vision of hope and opportunity is a big deal"

"Hope and opportunity is a big deal" is a stunning description of Cruz that simply doesn't hold water. In fact, Cruz is an anti-immigrant, anti-gay and anti-women's rights kind of guy. Not the kind of person to lead a "Latino coalition," it would seem.

Can Sarah Palin be far behind or stop by during the campaign to see the extremist Sanguinetti?

On the other hand, it was Bruce Rauner that skipped an event in Moline because of the tinges of racism. Rauner was to attend a Rock Island County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner where the Rev. Donald Johnson of Rock Island's Destiny Baptist Church was to speak. Rev. Johnson made vile attacks against President Obama and Rauner passed on the event. Rauner called for the GOP chairman of Winnebago County to resign, because he emailed a racist joke about Barack Obama, so the question is, "How will Rauner react to his own running mate liking that same extremist message with her now-deleted Facebook page?"

The Rauner campaign has its own Facebook page, and through it can control its message, without having to read about some anti-Obama remarks and posting related to the page. Can Rauner and his team trust the candidacy of his running mate, Evelyn Sanguinetti? Is she a Sarah Palin in disguise? Can the so-called "Latino coalition" survive, led by Sanguinetti?

Rauner has many other challenges ahead in trying to unseat an incumbent governor, including his explanation of how his daughter leapfrogged 6800 other Chicago high school freshman applicants, in gaining entry to only 200 slots at Walter Payton College Prep. Or explaining the GTCR nursing home investments that went bad, resulting in patient deaths. Or the truth about the relationship with Stuart Levine, the federal convict.

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