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Bruce Rauner promotes charter schools, but not good enough for his own daughter

Bruce Rauner promotes charter schools for rest of us, but it is not good enough for his daughter. After all, Rauner would not send his own child to a charter school. When his daughter was searching for a high school in 2008, Rauner used "political muscle" to enroll his daughter into an "elite public high school in Chicago," said the Chicago Sun Times.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner talks with reporters in Winnetka, Illinois.
Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images

Even one of his Republican primary opponents, State Senator Kirk Dillard, blasted Rauner for pulling the "clout and influence card." While this is an old story, it is nevertheless unsettling for the thousands of students that were passed over to make room for Rauner's daughter. Rauner's daughter could not make it in through "regular order," dad did what any good father would: He made a phone call. Based on her testing score and enrollment requirements, his daughter didn't cut. But dad had one more card to play.

  1. Political clout.
  2. Political influence.

Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business broke the story earlier this year. The "elite school" in which Rauner's daughter wanted to enroll, Walter Payton College Prep High School has become one of the best schools around — not only in the state but the country, where it's respectively ranked second and 45th-best, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Each year Walter Payton College Prep High School has roughly 200 slots available, with typically 7,000 applicants.

Rauner's daughter was one of those 7,000 applicants. Rauner's daughter was turned down at first, but a man like Rauner gets what he wants. He would do what any entitled person would do.

He made a phone call, and a man like Rauner only needs to make one phone call. His calls get returned.

In 2008, Rauner made that phone call to then-CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, Arnie Duncan, for some help to beat the odds. Duncan's aide called the principal and poof, his daughter was enrolled in Walter Payton College Prep High School.

There was a small problem however, that needed to be overcome and it cost money. In order to enroll your child in a Chicago Public School, a parent had to reside in the city of Chicago. No small problem for Rauner, in spite of the fact his residence was Winnetka, Illinois. Rauner simply bought a house just a few city blocks from Chicago's Magnificent Mile, walking distance to the new school.

Presumably, Rauner official residence was the home in Chicago while his child was attending the school.

Or is this just a preview of things to come in a Rauner administration.

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