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Bruce Rauner can't shake charges of abuse and death at GTCR-owned nursing homes

Rich Miller's Capitol Fax reported yesterday that Bruce Rauner wants an ad produced by Illinois Freedom PAC pulled from the air. This is despite Rauner's claim earlier this week that the new labor-financed TV ad didn't bother him and were that the ads are ineffective."

Bruce Rauner’s company’s nursing homes made over a billion dollars while seniors paid the ultimate price, says a new ad released by Illinois Freedom PAC.
(Illinois Freedom PAC)

This is the second ad produced and published by the Illinois Freedom PAC, a non-partisan coalition established to educate middle class voters about the issues at stake in the 2014 Illinois gubernatorial election.

The ads are getting to Rauner, as he is more on the defensive of late, talking less about issues and more about Stuart Levine and his "nursing home business." Illinois Freedom PAC spokesperson Michael Murray says that the latest ad shows that Rauner and GTCR showed a "callous disregard for human life" and "severe corporate greed."

Rauner is crying foul.

Bruce Rauner wants these ads to stop, or in legal language, the "cease and desist." A Rauner attorney sent the television stations running the Illinois Freedom PAC a letter, stating, "I am counsel to gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, and in that capacity request that you 'cease and desist' from any broadcast of Illinois Freedom PAC’s false, misleading, deceptive and unsubstantiated new advertisement against Mr. Rauner."

Bruce Rauner's campaign attorney, Michael G. Adams, a Washington D.C. lawyer working for the law firm of Dinsmore & Shohl, added that "broadcasters cannot air independent campaign advertisements that violate the 'public trust' granted to you by your license, and you have a duty to protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising."

The claim by Mr. Adams is that the abuse and deaths did not occur while GTCR owned the nursing home.

According to Rich Miller's Capitol Fax, the television stations rejected the demand by the Rauner campaign and the Illinois Freedom PAC responded to the request in what is a three-page legal brief defending the ad point-by-point.

Carol Marin wrote about the "nursing home lawsuits" today. Marin reported that in January, Rauner was asked about the deaths and financial judgments and said then that "The attacks, we will have plenty of time to talk about them, there's no there, there."

But the issue isn't going away anytime soon.

In January, Rauner was asked about the deaths and financial judgments. "The attacks, we will have plenty of time to talk about them, there's no there, there," he said. When asked if his firm was culpable for the jury verdicts, Rauner replied no.

In a statement the Rauner campaign called the allegations completely false.

Much like the way Dan Rutherford blamed Bruce Rauner for his "sex scandal," Bruce Rauner is blaming Governor Pat Quinn for the "nursing home lawsuit" scandal.

"Pat Quinn, the Democratic Governor's Association and the government union bosses behind this ad should be ashamed," said Rauner in a statement. Rauner declined to speak to NBC 5 on camera with Carol Marin.

It is not just the media demanding answers.

Bill Brady, an Illinois state senator running for governor on the Republican ticket, isn't accepting this weak excuse being offered by Rauner.

Senator Bill Brady, Republican candidate for Governor, tonight demanded that Bruce Rauner come clean on questions about his role in nursing homes where patients allegedly suffered abuse and neglect that led to their death.

“Tonight we again saw more of the same from Mr. Rauner in declining to answer questions about the tragic circumstances in nursing homes owned by companies in which he had a substantial financial interest. It’s more of a pattern, whether it’s nursing homes, Arne Duncan, Stuart Levine, Ed Rendell, or accounting fraud at a Michigan firm, and it’s time for him to answer the questions, “ Brady said.

“He’s trying to earn the support of Illinois voters in the primary less than four weeks from now, and his not me, don’t remember, didn’t know, didn’t have anything to do with it brush-offs are a disservice to all Illinois citizens.”

“The voters deserve transparency from people who want to be their governor, and they certainly deserve the truth,” Brady said.

“What’s the truth, Bruce?”

Good question by Carol Marin: "What is the truth, Bruce?"

NBC 5 News says that the new ads shift the focus to a "potentially fertile ground.

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