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Bruce Rauner: Campaign ad with wife Diana Rauner saying she's a Democrat

Bruce Rauner has come up with his most unique ad yet for his governor’s campaign in Illinois. Across Chicagoans’ local television stations, there is a new ad with a happy Bruce Rauner smiling and laughing alongside his wife Diana Rauner who is doing the same. The ad has Diana Rauner surprisingly saying that she is a Democrat, according to the ad and a Chicago Tribune report on Saturday.

Bruce and Diana Rauner
Bruce Rauner Illinois GOP gubernatorial campaign ad

It's Bruce Rauner vs. Pat Quinn and Jim Oberweis vx. Dick Durbin in November

The ad that started running this past week is a good effort on Rauner’s part to not only go after Illinois’ conservative Republicans but to go after the Democrats’ votes as well. With Rauner’s theme being “shake up Illinois,” it is the Democrats who are going to be shaken up if Rauner succeeds in his effort to replace current Gov. Pat Quinn – Illinois’ current governor in the state that is financially troubled, to put it very mildly.

Gov. Pat Quinn makes Illinois' temporary tax hike of 67% a permanent tax

However, the Chicago Tribune report takes issue with Diana Rauner’s assertion that she is a Democrat rather than a Republican because – claims the Chicago Tribune – 77 percent of her campaign donations in the past 19 years have gone to Republican candidates and causes. The report says that they get their information from federal and state records. It says that Diana Rauner has donated more than $500,000 in total during the nearly two decades of which it has evaluated records. The report also admits that Mrs. Rauner tends to follow her husband’s lead when it comes to donating to political candidates and causes. He is obviously a Republican.

However, the report goes on to say that Diana Rauner has voted Democrat repeatedly in the past. Election records prove that she is Democratic when she shows up to the ballot box, as she voted in Democratic primaries in 2004, 2006, and 2008. In the 2010 midterm elections, she apparently did not vote.

It appears that Mrs. Rauner’s major shift to Republican candidates and causes has come since 2009. Obviously, she is not the only one who has shifted towards Republican candidates and causes since 2009. Her donations’ percentage skyrocketed to 91 percent for conservative candidates and causes in the past 5 years. Again, she is not the only one who has made a major shift from liberal candidates to conservative candidates and causes since the nation has gotten ultra-liberal during the Obama years.

Taking the ad at its word, Diana Rauner is currently a disgruntled Democrat who is joining many others who are shifting to a Republican candidate in these times. And again, if you don’t believe she’s a Democrat, check her voting record regardless of the times she has followed her husband’s lead when making donations.

The report also mentions that the extremely wealthy Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate – Bruce Rauner – is attempting to come across as a ‘regular guy’ in his campaign. Chances are that he is a ‘regular guy’ - who just happens to be financially successful in life. There are many who are quite pleased that he isn’t using up all kinds of union members’ dues to get elected, but using a great deal of his own money instead.

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