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Bruce Karatz’s Efforts Help Homeboy Industries Tremendously

Bruce Karatz knew in his heart that he just had to do something about the financial problems that Homeboy Industries (a non-profit that helps ex-gang members to find jobs) were having. The KB Home CEO decided that the best way to bring in some money for the very innovative and life-changing organization was to do what he knew best – help create businesses and products that supported and reflected it, all the way down to its name.

For example, when they are at American Airlines LAX and walk past busy Terminal 4, many passengers know that getting a quick bite to eat at Homeboys Café and Bakery will be helping a gang member to stay out of prison and continue on a more progressive and legal way of life. Although that may be the most important reason to swing by for some grub, it’s not the only reason…the other is that food there is outstanding! Your sense of smell will be enticed by the aroma of tasty wraps, fresh salads, warm pastries, and delicious sandwiches as you near the restaurant. The convenient location to the terminal (another loved feature of the place) has many customers inquiring about more establishments being created, including one lady named Pam Rector. Her comments on the Homeboy Facebook page read “Is there a plan to have a Homeboy Café in Terminal 7? That would be heavenly on our way in and out of the airport!”

The Homeboy franchise is mostly known by that particular name, but the diner at LA’s City Hall (a much needed one) was actually traced after the popular Homegirl Café, located at 130 Bruno Street. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has visited and enjoyed the great food there, dining and chatting with Homeboy Industries loved founder Jesuit priest Father Gregory Boyle.

Bruce Katratz’s support and dedication to these and all of the other parts of the franchise (including Homeboy Baked Goods, which are dispersed all over the U.S. to about 30 smooth-running farmers markets) has assisted greatly in pulling it out of its near $5 million debt that was accumulated a few years ago. He knows that the employees there have had a hard past to say the least, with some who were previously affiliated with various street gangs and have been in and out prison a lot of their lives. They are now more than happy for the opportunity to work for the company, and are looking forward to much safer, more positive, and very fulfilling futures.

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