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Bruce Jenner Spanx-wearing fetish uncovered: Embarrassing reveal revives rumors

Bruce Jenner Spanx: Another strange secret revealed that is keeping his daughter's laughing!
Bruce Jenner Spanx: Another strange secret revealed that is keeping his daughter's laughing!
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Bruce Jenner is a man with a lot of little strange and bizarre habits it appears and the poor guy can’t keep any of them to himself. The latest buzz is that he is really loving Spanx underwear and his wife Kris spilled the beans on this personal grooming habit. Now his kids can’t stop laughing at him, according to Reality World TV on Aug. 25.

Don’t forget he is in a household that is filled with some of the most gorgeous women on the planet, so his tendency lately of trying to get in touch with his feminine side is understandable. Isn’t it?

It seems that Bruce slipped on a pair of body-shaping underwear for a red carpet event once and he just can’t get enough of those miracle underpants that help give you a better shape, reports OK Magazine. It is not known if Bruce is wearing men or woman's Spanx undies, but either way, that is his business.

He is very self-conscious since the tabloids reported he wants to get in touch with his feminine side, which started with his longer hair. Then when it was leaked to the media that he was going in for a Laryngeal Shave, which is a procedure many men opt for during a sex change, he was embarrassed once again.

He canceled that surgery because it was leaked to the media. Kris, his manager wife, disapproves of his new look with longer hair. Now that his Spanx-wearing secret is out, the guy’s embarrassed, especially since his two teen daughters use it for a source laughter around the house.

The Spanx-wearing Bruce wants people to think he is as ripped as his Olympic days, but that is asking an awful lot out of one pair of Spanx! The news that Bruce is wearing these garments on the heels of his cross-dressing rumors isn’t what he wanted in the media, but when you are “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” nothing is sacred!

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