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Bruce Jenner Spanx: New obsession has more thinking Bruce wants to be a woman

Bruce Jenner
Photo by Ethan Miller

Bruce Jenner reportedly wears Spanx to make himself look more in shape. According to NewsOXY, Jenner has been wearing "women's Spanx," but that's not actually the case. You see, Bruce has become obsessed with wearing Spanx -- there is a men's line -- because the shape wear pulls him in and makes him more confident.

Apparently this all started one night at a public event. Bruce tried on some shape wear and he liked the results, so now he wears slimming undergarments like all the time. According to The National Ledger, these new rumors are only fueling the rumors that Bruce wants to have a sex change. He's even already picked out a name: Brigitte.

Bruce Jenner might like Spanx for the same reason most people do, they make your body look good. There really is nothing wrong with a man wanting to feel confident... and Bruce Jenner clearly isn't the only one... Spanx has a men's line for a reason. Even still, people are going to look for an excuse to talk about Bruce and his desires.

A lot of the rumors stemmed from Bruce's longer hair... and his Adam's apple surgery... but if the guy really does want to be a woman, who cares? It's not like he'd be hurting anyone.

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