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Bruce Jenner rumors: Sex change, Spanx, and dyslexia make Bruce a national hero

Bruce Jenner rumors about his quest for a sex change are making news headlines this week. To his wife Kris Kardashian’s surprise, the rumors about her husband Bruce Jenner are not damaging his image but rather turning him into a national hero. While most news headlines this week portray the Kardashian dad as a man who wants to be a woman, readers, however, see him as a national hero. “Bruce Jenner, the father on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ is actually a huge star in his own right. Jenner is actually a national hero of sorts, and not just to the sex change community,” reports Celeb Dirty Laundry on Aug. 27.

Bruce Jenner rumors: Sex change, Spanx, and dyslexia make Bruce a national hero
Photo by Ethan Miller

To some readers, surviving as a man among the Kardashian women is reason enough to be called a hero. The only thing that would trump that would be to have the courage to leave the whole clan, which might be too much to ask of anyone, even if he is a hero. Bruce Jenner might just say -- can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

Apparently, life with the Kardashian women means that nothing is sacred and nothing is private. Kris Kardashian leaked her husband’s love for Spanx to daughters Kendall and Kylie and “the girls haven’t stopped laughing.” Of course, the news of Bruce’s so-called obsession for Spanx fueled the rumors that he was working on a sex change and was in the process of becoming a woman. Besides wearing Spanx and having had a procedure done to flatten his Adam's apple, rumors that the Kardashian dad is turning into a Kardashian woman are also fueled by the fact that Bruce has been growing out his hair for the fast year and that he has his fingernails manicured.

Despite all the rumors, why do some readers consider Bruce Jenner to be a national hero?

According to various comments provided by readers, Bruce is a national hero because he does what makes him feel good. And obviously he is not the only man who is leaving behind the old image of what a man should be like or act like. “My husband gets manicures if he knew that spanx would trim his tummy , WOW, he would have them in every color...”

Well, Spanx does have a collection for men. “Spanx actually has a line for men...t-shirts and's assumed spanx are made for women only, they aren't aware there is a line for men,” informs another reader. And Spanx itself writes on its website that this is a new era for men. “Men’s undershirts haven’t really changed since they were introduced about 100 years ago. They’re boxy, bulky and don’t look great under clothes. We decided men deserved better, so we added some Lycra®, tapered the design and added compression for lower back support and a reduced waist. This started us in the Men’s category and now, with a variety of comfortable underwear and shirts, we continue to innovate and make things better for men.”

If one ignores the fact that Bruce Jenner is a Kardashian dad, he is actually a 64-year-old man who is continuing in the footsteps of having been once a true national hero after he won the gold medal in the Decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal.

While many readers recall the once handsome athlete, not many know that Bruce Jenner has dyslexia, the reading disability which does not only affect an individual’s school performance but outlook on life. “Jenner had a significant childhood struggle to overcome. He was dyslexic. As is common for school-age dyslexic children, Jenner feared school, teachers, and reading. His behavior in the classroom was mislabeled by teachers and he would often daydream in class. Jenner described the school experience from Kindergarten through 6th grade as torturous. When glasses were suggested, Jenner's eyesight was tested at 20/20. Finally a school doctor recognized that he was dyslexic.”

Being dyslexic means being extraordinary, being able to think outside of the box, and being revolutionary. In a traditional school environment, dyslexia is a curse. Outside of the traditional setting, dyslexia is a tremendous gift. As for so many dyslexics (Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Whoopie Goldberg, Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belafonte, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pablo Picasso), the gift of dyslexia is a chance to becoming a hero. Forty years ago, being a hero meant winning an Olympic gold medal. Today, being a hero has taken on a different meaning for many people.

Whether or not there is any truth to the rumors that Bruce Jenner does want to turn into a woman matters less to some readers than the fact that he is doing what makes him happy. “Who care's! If he wants to be a woman, who cares if it makes him happy!”

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