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Bruce Jenner rumors persist thanks to Spanx, Jenner's obsession with shapewear

Bruce Jenner rumors have intensified thanks to the reality television star and former Olympian's penchant for Spanx supportive undergarments. The erstwhile Wheaties cover model is reportedly so self conscious about his body that he has resorted to wearing the stretchy garments to restrain his expanding waistline, according to Web Pro News.

Bruce Jenner rumors persist thanks to Spanx. Does Jenner's obsession with shapewear help prove the sex-change rumors?
Photo by Ethan Miller

Wearing Spanx certainly doesn't mean that the Bruce Jenner rumors of a sex-change operation are true, but some people are pointing to his love of the line as a sign that he does indeed dream of becoming a woman. According to an OK! report, an unnamed source spoke about Jenner's love of Spanx, and it makes perfect sense.

"He started wearing them under his suits on the red carpet, and he loved the results so much that now he wears them all the time."

However, the source also said his estranged wife told their daughters Kendall and Kylie about their father's Spanx use. According to the source, he wasn't pleased. As for Kris Jenner, she simply laughed off the Bruce Jenner rumors.

"The girls 
haven’t stopped laughing, 
and Bruce was furious that 
Kris revealed something so
 private, especially with all the 
cross-dressing rumors. He insists the Spanx
 are just to hide his belly — not an excuse to wear women’s underwear."

It seems that Jenner is having the same trouble with his middle as many other people his age. The source said using Spanx is just his way of holding back the sands of time and creating a profile that's closer to the shape he had in his youth.

 beats himself 
up for not having the washboard abs he had as a pro athlete. He wants people to think that he’s still ripped."

The Bruce Jenner rumors didn't begin with his alleged Spanx use. Critics point to his sculpted eyebrows, shaved larynx (also known as Adam's apple reduction or chondrolaryngoplasty) and glossy ponytail as signs that the former Olympic track star wants to become a woman. As Web Pro News noted, chondrolaryngoplasty is a step often taken by men preparing for gender reassignment surgery.

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