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Bruce Jenner rumors: Is Kris Kardashian’s husband transitioning into a woman?

Bruce Jenner rumors that Kris Kardashian's husband and former Olympian is transitioning into becoming a woman are being fueled by no other but his own wife. The rumors that Bruce Jenner, who is a 64-year-old man who likes to look his best, is transgender and transitioning into a woman began with a procedure to flatten his Adam's apple and are continuing with his use of Spanx, reports the Hollywood News Daily on Aug. 25.

Bruce Jenner rumors: Kris Kardashian leaks hubby’s use of Spanx, Bruce furious
Photo by Isaac Brekken

Apparently, women have the right to do all sorts of procedures to fine tune their appearance. Women also have the right to wear whatever necessary to improve their self-confidence. When it comes to men, however, Spanx are the limit – unless you want to get laughed at.

“The girls haven’t stopped laughing, and Bruce was furious that Kris revealed something so private, especially with all the cross-dressing rumors. He insists the Spanx are just to hide his belly — not an excuse to wear women’s underwear.”

Quite sadly, Kris Kardashian is unfamiliar with the words privacy or respect. The fact that Bruce likes to wear Spanx under his suits (especially when he will be seen by the media on the red carpet) in order to hide what some might consider to be an age-appropriate belly, is something that belongs between a couple, not in the media.

But what does Kris know. Reportedly, she told their two daughters Kendall and Kylie about Bruce’s newly-developed love for Spanx and the rest of the story is, of course, history and public “Kardashian” knowledge. Quite unfortunately for Bruce, the female members of the Kardashian clan are more interested in their own well-being than in the well-being of others, especially men.

If the Kardashian women would only read and catch up with what matters to men (and what is good for them), Bruce might be perceived in a different light. According to Spanx’s line of clothing for men, it's about time that something is being done for the male members of society:

“Men’s undershirts haven’t really changed since they were introduced about 100 years ago. They’re boxy, bulky and don’t look great under clothes. We decided men deserved better, so we added some Lycra®, tapered the design and added compression for lower back support and a reduced waist. This started us in the Men’s category and now, with a variety of comfortable underwear and shirts, we continue to innovate and make things better for men.”

Bruce Jenner rumors that the former Olympic U.S. track and field athlete is turning into a woman have also been discussed in the media because the television personality and businessman has been growing his hair out for the past year and that he likes to have his fingernails manicured. Does that really turn him into a woman as Kris Kardashian thinks?

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