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Bruce Jenner in the final stages of transitioning from man to woman? [Report]

Bruce Jenner has been the subject of many rumors in recent days and the latest rumors regarding the former Olympian suggest his transition from man to woman is almost complete. A source recently shared with OK Magazine that Jenner has an alleged obsession with shaping underwear and he began wearing Spanx under his suits on the red carpet. Since then, the former athlete who is now a reality star, has been happy to wear women's underwear from the renowned lingerie company.

A report by The Inquisitr on Sep. 4 implied that the 64-year-old is refusing to cut his ponytail because he wants to have a sex change. InTouch Weekly wrote that Khloé Kardashian hates Jenner's ponytail so much that she made the fate of his worst accessory the wager in a little friendly competition, a deleted scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians revealed.

It was recently reported that Bruce was embarrassed when his wife, Kris Jenner, allegedly told his daughters of his secret obsession with Spanx. The source shared that Kendall and Kylie had a good laugh about it. Bruce, on the other hand, was extremely angry that Kris spoke on such a private matter.

The former American athlete insisted that he uses Spanx to hide his belly. OK Magazine noted that it is unclear whether Bruce was using the women's line of that make. Turns out Spanx also has a line dedicated to men in the form of t-shirts and boxers.

A previous report identified a number of beauty routines performed by the former athlete which could be considered feminine by society's standards. Examples of this is are his numerous facelift sessions, the fact that he has been growing his hair long, and his penchant for getting his nails manicured.

Many have also noticed how the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star looks more like a woman in terms of physical characteristics. Another source shared the National Enquirer rumors that Bruce Jenner's sex change is close to being certain as the celebrity is about to change his name to Brigitte once he finishes the supposed transformation to a woman.

In February, it was speculated that Bruce had visited a doctor to remove his Adam's apple. US Magazine reported that he underwent a laryngeal shave in a Beverly Hills Surgical Center.

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