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Bruce Jenner dons a mullet: Ten reasons why you should never have a mullet

Bruce Jenner, stop the madness and take better care of your hair!
Photo by Ethan Miller

Bruce Jenner was spotted on Monday with a mullet as his latest celebrity hairstyle reported Us Weekly, which looks like a ratted nest of orange straw. The Long Island Hair Care Examiner has outlined ten reasons why the head of the Kardashian clan or any other man should never wear a mullet.

A photo could be viewed of Bruce Jenner’s awful look in the above link that show’s the 64-year-old reality TV star’s hideous mullet as he heads to the local Starbucks for a cup of java. His hair looks frizzy, damaged, and orange, reportedly due to over-processing and incessant coloring. His brassy hue must be a result of an attempt to cover the recent highlights he received during an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” And, now the former Olympian is “rocking” a mullet, badly.

Bruce Jenner explained his terrible hair transformation to Us Weekly last November when the father of Kylie and Kendall could be seen daily wearing a ponytail. The family's patriarch proudly proclaimed, “I turned 64 two weeks ago and I still have hair to grow! I’m celebrating, yeah!"

Bruce Jenner’s age is reason number one for not having a mullet, you are 64 Mr. Jenner, which leads to reasons two, three and four. It is 2014, not the 80s when mullets were popular, (down south), but never in style. All kidding aside, not really, besides having a dated, unflattering hairstyle, Bruce Jenner’s ends are fried (number five), and if Kris’ estranged hubby wants longer hair, which is fine in the proper style regardless of age, it needs to look healthy. Jenner is in need of a good haircut, must lay off the color, and should receive mega, mega-conditioning treatments, and use proper hair care products at home, hair care rules it doesn’t appear he follows.

Reason six Bruce Jenner shouldn’t have a mullet: his thinning top. It is quite evident in the photograph as the sun peeks through his tresses that Jenner is losing hair. The long and heavy back only accentuates the thinness of the top, which (seven) ages the man. The public doesn’t want to see (eight) Bruce undergo more cosmetic work to counteract the effect the mullet causes. Jenner’s celebrity hairstyle looks like Donald Trump’s comb over fell out (nine). And ten, was it mentioned how bad it looked?

So, what should Bruce Jenner do? If he wants long hair, get a good haircut, avoid the color and use only the best professional hair care products, which is hard to believe isn’t in abundance in the Kardashian household. Visit for celebrity hairstyle ideas for seasoned hotties, but don’t let the name fool you, there are photos for longer looks as well.

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