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Bruce Faux Finish


A few years ago a client asked me to faux finish her music room.  She had painted the room crimson and I did a color blending technique using ivory and gold.  Last week she phoned me and requested something for her dining room.

Bruce Faux Finish Dining Room
Rene' Harmon

Not wanting to repeat myself, I suggested we go with dark green and highlight it with gold. Using the same application as before, the first layer was color blended, but I added a second layer with a sea sponge.  

In this room, the homeowner had already painted the walls a nice buttery yellow, which actually looked nice, but she wanted drama. This is the family dining room and the first room to the left of the entryway. Beyond this room is the kitchen with rich hunter green and cranberry accents.

For the first layer, I used a metallic gold glaze and flat hunter green acrylic wall paint which was diluted with glaze. Four parts glaze to one part paint.

Both colors were put on at the same time in X patterns. I placed the lighter color on top at an angle and the darker color on bottom. Then using a stipple brush, I tamped out each color blending into the next, working outwards. The next X's were applied in the same way on all the walls.  

For the second layer, I used chocolate brown paint, again diluted with glaze, and using a sea sponge, delicately tapped over the first layer. To add more interest, I wet the sponge, placed it on the wall directly over the brown and twisted it. This mottled effect created a nice rhythm overall.

The entire process took 8 hours and the homeowner was thrilled…and so was I!

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