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Bruce Bouillet talks concept album

Bruce Bouillet's The Order of Control
Bruce Bouillet's The Order of Control
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Last month guitarist Bruce Bouillet released his third solo instrumental album, The Order of Control.

The album is his first foray into creating a concept album and there are plans for upcoming sequels.

The Order of Control's theme is about how a force intermixed throughout humanity can manipulate the masses into self-destruction.

"The overall sound of the album is instrumental but it is also a heavier, darker album. You know, just by the title "order of control" it makes it obvious that it's not your go to if you are looking for a dance party. It's a little bit more progressive. It sort of delves into prog rock and it is a little darker but it also has some uplifting moments. It's not all super heavy. Some of it has some mellower moods," explained Bouillet. "It's got a lot of high-caliber playing on it. I really went out of my way to find the better musicians that I could find out here in Los Angeles. I used Glen Sobel on drums, who is currently playing with Alice Cooper and Orianthi. I used Dave Foreman on bass. He's an awesome instrumentalist and he has played on just countless albums, especially in the R&B world. He's played with everybody from Alicia Keys to Boyz II Men and Rihanna to Snoop Dogg, you name it! He's played with Tupac and he's kind of a L.A. legend in the studio and touring realm. He's really done a lot of work. So this album has a lot of impact with bass and drums. I mean obviously it's a guitar-driven album but the rest is just icing on the cake."

He says that he does have plans to tour but he's not sure if this particular lineup of the Order of Control band will be going along for the ride.

It will all depend on Sobel's touring schedule with Cooper and whether Foreman will also be free.

If he has to Bouillet says he will find someone else of equal high-caliber playing to go out on the road with him and is in the process of setting up some dates throughout the U.S. and hopefully Europe.

Bouillet says that he knew going in that he wanted to make a concept album but he had no idea just how much work it was to tell a story without lyrics, "At the end of the day music is such a great vehicle to communicate a message. If you have a song that everybody likes they're going to listen to your message over and over again. It's a really interesting thing to do this and it does take a little more effort. Doing this with lyrics is probably the best way to do it but I also found that just by using the titles you can outline enough on a album to really get a point across and then the music is sort of an enhancement of the title. It really sets the mood in how that title is conveyed."

He went on to talk about how the album developed, "All of my previous have always been done on a song-by-song basis. I knew going into this one it was going to be a concept album and it was really interesting from a writing standpoint where you have what I would assume is like how a movie is made with a storyboard. You have different elements that you would write to. It really gives you a kind of direction to start with instead of just waking up and randomly having this song idea that has nothing to do with the one I had yesterday. I've been fortunate working with people out here throughout my career. One of the most interesting things that I think helped bring the concept into form was that a friend of mine was an understudy for Michael Kamen, who was a big movie writer and scorer. I got to go over to his house one day and look at a movie he was working on and it was really shocking to me to see a movie without the music in it. It was so dry to me to see just dialogue in this big emotional movie scene with no music to move it along. It was something that I kind of really wanted to get into this time and I had a great time doing it."

As for where he goes next, Bouillet shared that he already has a sequel album written.

Volume two will feature Foreman but Sobel is up in the air right now, "I can promise you that no matter who ends up playing on the album that it will be pretty hard hitting," an enthusiastic Bouillet assured.

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