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Bruce and Kris Jenner reunited: Are they back together?

Bruce Jenner
Photo by Mike McGregor

Bruce and Kris Jenner are reunited and it looks really good. On April 3, TMZ shared pictures and a video of the two of them holding hands and walking through the airport. The two of them look happy and it has fans talking wanting to knwo what is going on.

They both had their wedding rings on their hands. When asked if they were together again, Bruce said, "We've been together." The entire family just got back from a trip in Thailand and they seemed to have a great time together. Hopefully the cameras were rolling and fans will get to see what is going on with them.

So far Bruce and Kris Jenner have not shared for sure if they are back together or not. He could have already moved back home or they could be just messing with the fans. It will be interesting to see how things turn out and if they are back together or not. Of course it will all air on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

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